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Because of what is constantly stuffy nose?

Complaints that permanently stuffy nose, you canhear quite often. As a rule, this sensation is caused by a common cold that appears during the development of the common cold. But if this symptom does not pass for a long time, then there are other reasons explaining why the nose is constantly stuffy, for example, enlarged adenoids, tumor formation, small foreign objects, disturbed microflora.

A person can suffer from the fact that constantlystuffy nose after getting injured. In general, this problem is faced by athletes, as during training increased risk of injury. But a nose injury can happen to every person, as life is full of unpredictable events. Twisted septum becomes an obstacle to free passage of air when inhaled and exhaled. This situation can be solved only by performing a surgical procedure for the alignment of the septum. Currently, these operations are carried out often, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Often patients with acute allergicreaction complain that the nose is constantly stuffy. In addition to this symptom, pain in the head, weakness, strongest rhinitis, tearing can occur. And, thus, the allergy to absolutely different substances, for example, a dust or a component of a cosmetic means is expressed. Recognize it in the early stages can be by frequent sneezing. Sometimes a runny nose can be caused not by a disease or some kind of deviation, but is a reaction of the body to harmful (or strongly smelling) substances or to the cold air of an air conditioner.

What should I do if my nose is constantly stuffy? First, you must always carry with you either a handkerchief or paper napkins to be able to regularly clean the nasal cavity. Secondly, it is necessary to arrange as often as possible paired procedures, for example, to take a hot bath or drink herbal tea. Pharmacies offer an extensive range of sprays and drops for the nose, for example, the herbal remedy "Pinosol". But we must remember that it is not desirable to use them for more than two weeks, as they are addictive.

Long-term use of any drugs forfacilitating breathing contributes to the desiccation of the mucous and the formation of edema, after which the patient can no longer breathe freely. In this regard, he begins to use drops more often, which aggravates the situation. If this edema can not be removed by medication, then a simple mucus cautery procedure or a surgical procedure is performed.

If the child is constantly stuffy nose and reliefit is not observed within two weeks, it is necessary to address to the expert. The child's organism is more prone to the occurrence of such complications as sinusitis. The doctor will be able to determine the true cause of this condition and prescribe a treatment appropriate to the diagnosis. In addition, a permanent non-breathing nose in a child is one of the signs of enlarged adenoids.

Often when complaining about the fact that it is constantly laidnose, doctors diagnose vasomotor rhinitis. This disease arose relatively recently and was provoked by modern ecology (and not only). Due to severe environmental pollution, the nose operates at an increased rate, as it is in this cavity that air purification is carried out. As a result, the blood vessels expand and there is edema.

Every year, everything appears in our lives.more chemicals that directly affect the health of a person and the state of his health. In order to avoid chronic rhinitis, preventive procedures should be carried out. For example, the use of drops based on sea water or soft oils helps maintain small capillaries and vessels in the tone, preventing them from expanding and forming edema. In case of allergic rhinitis, it is important to use preventive medications prescribed by an allergist. Take care of your nose, carry out daily care, and the result will not be long in coming.

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