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Sprain stretching is rather insidioustrauma, which without proper treatment can seriously complicate your life. What could be the cause of such an injury? Fall, prolonged and increased load on the ankle and wrist ligaments, sharp movement when the leg is tucked, and much more.

If you have a sprain, the symptoms are the following (it's best to know the signs of stretching for sure, so as not to mix up with a fracture).

In the beginning, although there is a sharp pain, but shequickly passes. But after a while this place where the sprains have stretched, starts to ache and swell, there may even be a hematoma (in common speech, a bruise). This is a small hemorrhage in the damaged vessels. Drawing, but quite tolerable pain in the ankle or wrist increases with increasing load and almost completely not felt at rest. If you do not take any action to relieve pain and swelling symptoms, it is possible that soon you will not be able to stand on this leg, and the injured hand can not perform any movements.

If you really have sprains,you need to quickly get to the house to give the place that you hurt, a little rest. Ideal - when immediately after a ligament injury you will be taken home or to a health care institution in road transport, because the less the injured limb is loaded (it is the leg), the easier it will be after the treatment. If all the same you get home on your own, go on the way home to the pharmacy to purchase an elastic bandage (in case it is not at home). Of course, it should have been in the pharmacy and re-bandaged, if you are, of course, not too shy and your shoes allow you to move around with a bandage. After all, health, after all, is more important than the opinion of other people.

How to treat sprain in the home? Sit comfortably and place your foot higher, so you can safely apply an elastic bandage. It is superimposed in eight. First, a couple of times we make tight bandage around the leg, then we shuffle it around the sore spot, in order to tighten the bandage. Then go to the shin, and from there - again on the foot and so on until the end of the bandage. If you stretch the ligaments in your wrist, you should bandage the same way.

In the absence of an elastic bandage, you can use either the usual one or purchase a special bandage in a specialized store or pharmacy.

Bandaging a leg or arm, it is necessarytake care of giving the limb a rest. The best for the injured foot will be a raised position, so build a roller from the blanket or slip an ankle under the ankle. For the wrist, the main thing is not to bother her and give her peace.

Do not forget to put the heating pad overcold water or ice. When a person sprains ligaments, the cold on the damaged place is placed two first days for forty minutes with interruptions. The use of cold compresses can reduce edema and subcutaneous hemorrhage, as when they are applied, the vessels that have been damaged by trauma contract.

In the driver's first aid kits there are special packagesto cool the injured surfaces during accidents. They are also sold in pharmacies. They are called hypothermic packets. If you have the opportunity to use them as a cold, use this type of medical aid to relieve swelling and reduce bruising.

The main thing in the case of such methods of cooling is not to overdo it so as not to earn frostbite.

Starting from the third day, the compresses becomewarm, to accelerate the absorption of swelling and removal of the hematoma. When the blood warms quickly pours to the damaged tissues, which from this are better restored. In addition to warm compresses, apply for the treatment of sprains ligament baths with warm water, applying iodine mesh to the injured place. Fixing bandages are removed, when even the slightest pain with load of ligaments ceases to be felt.

From the very first day, bandages are being unwound onlyfor the time of a night's sleep, while the leg of the limo hand should still be lying higher. On waking, without getting up, the bandage should be applied again. Traumatologist from the third day can appoint to you for rubbing into the injured place ointment, in the composition of which there is a troxovazine.

To stretch the ligaments did not become familiartrauma, it is recommended to observe a home mode and a lightened motor regime with a damaged limb from a week to ten days. Of course, women should give up wearing heels, at least until the full recovery of the ankle joints.

When the elasticity of your ligaments is completelydo not hesitate to begin to strengthen them. This can be done with the help of special exercises that are aimed at increasing the elasticity of ligaments and muscles and their stretching.

In the case of severe pain, blushing or swelling, you should immediately consult a traumatologist, as these are signs of a more serious injury than sprains.

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