/ How are burns from household appliances and chemicals treated? First Aid

How are burns from household appliances and chemicals treated? First Aid

It would seem a simple question: "How are burns treated at home?" But often it is from ignorance of how to help the victim and what actions to take, the healing process is delayed for a long time. Burns are of different origin. They are divided into thermal and chemical. Focusing on this, and you need to choose the right treatment.

How to treat a thermal burn?

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Thermal burns are always associated with some kind ofsource of heat. The most common are household appliances. But this category also includes injuries received from open fire and hot steam. In the home, burns are obtained from oil, iron. It is also often observed scalding with boiling water. What to do in such cases, and what actions to take. Of course, if it is a serious injury, it is necessary, providing the victim peace, urgently seek medical help. It is not recommended to touch the damage zones, you can not process them at your own discretion or try to remove any clothes left, if any. So it is possible only to do much harm. But if the trauma is simple, then it is quite possible to cope on your own.

Treatment of thermal burns with folk remedies

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How are burns at home treated? The first thing to do is to immediately wash the wound. Then you can make a compress. It is best for thermal burns from home appliances helps sea buckthorn oil. It actively promotes the recovery of skin epithelium. You can impose such oil compresses in virtually any thermal burns. Another great remedy is raw potatoes. It is cut with thin plastics and applied to the affected area. Lobules are replaced every 3-4 minutes until the pain syndrome is gone. If you use the potatoes immediately after the burn, the blisters will not appear. The last question remains, how are burns from sunlight treated? To get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon simple baking soda will help. You can also use a pack of strong black tea.

Treatment of burns caused by exposure to skin chemicals

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In our modern world, get a chemical burnis not difficult. In such a trauma, it is necessary to remove as soon as possible the remains of corrosive substances from the skin. But it is at this stage that most of the mistakes are made. Any doctor who treats burns will confirm this. Rinse the chemical burner for at least 10 minutes under running water. This not only removes the aggressive substance, but also cools the damaged area. This helps to reduce the depth of tissue damage. The nature of the treatment of a chemical burn primarily depends on the type of substance that caused this trauma. If this is an alkali, then ordinary diluted lemon or acetic acid will help. How are burns from acid treated? It is best to wash the affected area with a solution of baking soda. Burns from both acid and alkali are very dangerous. Having fallen on the skin, these substances will destroy and corrode the tissues until they are removed. Therefore, it is so important to know how to help the victim in the first minutes after getting injured.

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