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Medication "Hondrolon": instructions for use

This publication is devoted to the descriptionmedicinal preparation "Hondrolon", the use of which allows to successfully treat degenerative pathologies of the joints and spine. This pharmaceutical is well proven in traumatology in the treatment of so-called "sports injuries." Promoting the normalization of metabolic processes in hyaline cartilage, the drug is effective in restorative therapy.

The active substance of the described drugis chondroitin sulfate (chondroitin sulfate). The medicine is produced in capsules, tablets, solutions, as well as in lyophilizate, designed for self-preparation of injection solutions.

Pharmacological properties

Medication "Hondrolon" instruction manualcalls a drug that affects the metabolic processes that occur in the hyaline cartilage. The active substance is a high molecular weight mucopolysaccharide, capable of slowing the resorption of bone tissue and reducing the loss of calcium. As a result, the mobility of the affected joints improves, and joint pain also decreases. Symptoms of reactive synovitis are eliminated.

Indications for treatment with the drug "Hondrolon" instruction for use calls degenerative articular pathologies, diseases of the spine:

  • arthropathy (osteoarthropathy);

  • osteoarthritis;

  • primary arthrosis;

  • osteochondrosis.

Positive results are usually manifested throughfourteen days after the start of treatment. When ingesting tablets / capsules of "Chondrolon" medication, the instruction for use prescribes that they be taken with water in small amounts. Within 21 days, adult patients take two times a day for 0.75 g per dose. Follow-up treatment continues with taking 0.5 g of the drug. The most effective is the therapy of the above pathologies by intramuscular injection of the pharmaceutical drug "Hondrolon".

Contraindications to the use in the treatment of this drug is, above all, thrombosis, as well as increased sensitivity to this medication and high bleeding.

Side effects were manifested (in rare cases) inallergic reactions, hemorrhages (hemorrhages) were observed at the injection sites. Such manifestations require discontinuation of treatment with this drug.

With intramuscular application of the solution"Chondrolon" is prescribed to conduct up to thirty injections (25-30) during the course of treatment. The lyophilizate is dissolved in 1 ml of water for injection. One injection is administered intramuscularly every other day by one ampoule - 100 mg. If the treatment is well tolerated by the patient, then the dosage is doubled. After the third injection, two ampoules of the drug (200 mg) are injected into the patient.

If necessary, repeatedcourses of therapy, but not earlier than six months after the completion of the previous one. When reconstructive therapy described drug is additionally recommended therapeutic physical training, physiotherapy treatment. Assign a shower circular, herbal tea, diet therapy, therapeutic baths, dosed walking.

special instructions

It is necessary to stop treatment with the drug indescribed cases of side effects. There is currently no confirmed evidence of an overdose of this drug. There is also no data on the treatment of children with chondrolon in young children and pregnant women.

As for joint therapy with other medicinal substances, the possibility of strengthening fibrinolytics, indirect anticoagulants, antiaggregants is not ruled out.

Before starting treatment with a medicine"Chondrolon" (instruction on the use of this medication reminds of this) it is necessary to consult with a specialist in order to avoid harm to health.

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