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Looking for suitable ointments for dermatitis

In general, dermatitis is an inflammation of the skinbut doctors call this term erythema, accompanied by itching. Dermatitis can be in one of three stages: acute, subacute and chronic. There are several types of this skin disease, respectively, ointments from dermatitis, which there are many, write different, treatment is done by various means.

Simple dermatitis. Appears when exposed to skin irritants -chemical, physical, biological, mechanical. The degree of damage to the skin depends on the strength and time of the stimulus, the area - from the place where the substance got to. Simple dermatitis develops more often as a result of an accident and passes gradually when the stimulus is eliminated. It is easily diagnosed, since it has no latent period.

Allergic dermatitis. Caused by exposure to an allergen(sensitizer) with the available hypersensitivity to it and is pathogenetically a delayed allergic reaction. It develops more often from contact with synthetic washing powders, cosmetic and medicinal products, etc. It has a hidden period, which can last from 7 days to a month and even longer.

Treatment of simple and allergic dermatitisconsists primarily in the elimination of the stimulus and the good washing of the affected area of ​​the skin. With pronounced erythema, hormonal ointments can be prescribed for dermatitis, for example, corticosteroids, as well as ointments with antibiotics and disinfecting cold lotions.

Pellagroide dermatitis. It usually causes insolation of the skin, ifpeople abuse alcohol or suffer from liver disease. It appears on the forearms, face, neck on the back surface of the palms (hands) as symmetrical diffuse erythema with edema. But unlike pellagra, severe phenomena associated with skin atrophy or mucosal lesions are not observed.

Treatment consists in the correction of hepaticdisorders, the appointment of nicotinic acid, B vitamins and xanthinal nicotinate. Locally prescribed non-hormonal ointments from dermatitis, for example, photoprotective agents "Shield" and "Ray."

Perioral dermatitis. They are more likely to get sick of young and middle-aged womenage. It is usually caused by a change in the pathogenic microflora on the surface of the skin due to the use of hormonal ointments. It occurs starting from the fifth day after their cancellation. It appears as a bright red erythema, accompanied by an increase in body temperature, an increase in the area of ​​affected areas, a feeling of tightness of the skin, a sharp burning and itching.

Application of topical ointment from dermatitis will not beeffective in this case. It will require a complex therapeutic treatment with the combined use of tetracycline, metronidazole, decaris, methyluracil, diuretics and other drugs.

Seborrheic dermatitis. Characteristic for infants,concentrates in the folds of the skin (cervical, inguinal-femoral, axillary, behind-the-back). It manifests as erythema, peeling, infiltration, dyspepsia disorders in the form of regurgitation several times a day and a loose stool are possible. The seborrheic dermatitis, brought to the last stage, can give serious complications, for example, otitis media, anemia, pneumonia.

At the very beginning of writing out only ointments fromdermatitis: naphthalane, ichthyol. If the disease is started, antibiotics are prescribed. In severe cases - plasma transfusion, injections of glucose, vitamins of groups A, B, C.

Various ointments from dermatitis offer also folk medicine. But given that there are many varieties of this disease, it is only the doctor who can determine the correct diagnosis and prescribe an adequate treatment.

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