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Prophylaxis of caries: to make the teeth healthy

Caries is a pathological process that manifests itself in the violation of mineralization and further destruction of the tooth tissues as a result of exposure to microflora. In this case, cavitary defects are formed.

Today, the main reason for the formation of caries is dental plaque, which contains bacteria that destroy enamel.

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In addition to the factors of development of the disease includelack of intake of protein, mineral salts, vitamins, fluoride and various trace elements into the body. Excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugar negatively affects teeth. In the development of the disease is not the last role played by heredity.

Now more attention is paid to the prevention of the onset of the disease. Prevention of caries involves the adoption of various measures.

Early in the development of dentistryHygiene of the oral cavity played an important role in the prevention of the disease. Ancient Chinese physicians have noticed that the disease of the teeth can be prevented by removing the remnants of food after eating. Thus, the prevention of tooth decay is the timely cleaning and rinsing of the mouth. This is the first rule for maintaining healthy teeth.

Important for the prevention of disease isproper nutrition. The use of products such as cookies, raisins, white bread, promotes the production of bacteria by acids, which gradually destroy the teeth.

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It's even more dangerous than chocolate or caramel, which contain sugar, quickly washed away with saliva. The abuse of carbonated sweet drinks also leads to tooth decay.

However, the prevention of caries, consisting indecrease in the consumption of carbohydrate food, is not entirely effective, since these products can not be completely excluded from the human diet.

Today, many preventivemeans: brushes, toothpastes, elixirs, flosses, etc. The task of the dentist is to assist in the selection of a particular product. So, fluorine has long been recognized as an element that can increase the enamel's resistance to caries formation.

Therefore, dental prophylaxis involves the use ofpaste with an increased content of this substance. The most popular is the fluorite system, which produces pastes with a special use of the substance.

Prophylaxis of teeth
Important is the choice of the right toothbrush, which can be used for various types of enamel.

To stop the development of caries a special roleplays a timely visit to the doctor and treatment. Dentistry has a variety of methods for preventing the development of diseases. Doctors timely remove tartar and restore the enamel, if necessary, cover it with lacquer. This is also the prevention of tooth decay.

Even in the doctor's office you can get the necessary information about preventive measures for caries. Therefore, a dentist needs to visit not only when problems begin, but regularly, at least once a year.

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