/ How to breathe on a potato with a cold?

How to breathe over a potato with a cold?

Everyone knows that with a cold, effective treatment is the administration of inhalation of the respiratory tract and sinuses of the nose.

to breathe on a potato
For these purposes, there are specialadaptations that any pharmacy offers. But many believe that you can do without additional costs, if you learn to breathe over a potato. And this is so. It is only necessary to know a few simple recommendations on how to conduct the procedure at home in a safe and effective way.

At what diseases can you breathe steamed potatoes?

This procedure is considered a good tool fortreatment of the common cold and various inflammatory processes in the bronchi. Immediately it is worth noting that there are contraindications to inhalations. These are purulent processes in the throat, sinuses of the nose or lungs, pneumonia and various heart diseases. In other cases (it was still practiced by our grandmothers' grandmothers), you can try to cope with a cold and cough without drugs of synthetic origin.

Why is it useful to breathe on a potato during a cold?

to breathe steamed potatoes
First, the positive effect rendersheating of the respiratory tract with steam. This leads to moistening of the mucous membranes, which leads to liquefaction of accumulated sputum. Wet and warm steam contributes to the escape of mucus from the bronchi, which is the main condition for a positive outcome of the disease. In addition, the potato peel contains a huge amount of substances that, together with the steam, penetrate the respiratory tract, soften them and even remove the allergic reaction. The patient feels relief after inhalation: it is easier for him to breathe, it is easier to clear his throat and not to have a tick in the throat and in the bronchi.

How to breathe properly over a potato?

It would seem that nothing is easier than boilpotatoes and inhale its vapor. However, for a long period of use of potato steam for medicinal purposes, our ancestors developed a special scheme for the procedure.

how to breathe properly over a potato
If you do inhalation for the first timesteam, it is necessary to prepare in advance. When all things are at hand, the procedure will be as comfortable as possible for you. So, in order to breathe over the potatoes, you will need a light but dense blanket, a towel or a blanket for wrapping a pot of potatoes and a handkerchief.

Boil the clean potatoes in the peel until completereadiness, drain the water for safety and wrap the pan with a prepared rug or towel. Cover yourself and the container with a blanket and inhale steam for at least 15 minutes. In order not to interfere with the hair, collect them in advance on the back of the head. Breathing should be uniform, deep, slightly hold a breath before exhaling. Breathe in the air with your mouth, and exhale through your nose. Then, on the contrary, inhale the steam alternately with one or the other nostril, and exhale through the mouth. Thus, you can effectively warm up both the nasopharynx and the bronchi, which will enhance the positive result of inhalation.

You can breathe over the potatoes in the morning and in the evening. Do not recommend eating an hour before and after the procedure. Adjust the temperature under the blanket, relying on your senses. The steam should be slightly hot, but not burning.

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