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Human papilloma virus: symptoms, ways of infection, diagnosis and treatment

To numerous analyzes that are given upwomen during pregnancy, it would be useful to add more and such that it helps to identify the virus with human papillomas. Symptoms of it appear not in every case, but it can not be called safe. Of its more than 600 varieties, there are many such that contribute to the development of cancer.

human papillomavirus symptoms
The proven fact is that HPV(human papillomavirus) can cause cancer of the cervix, larynx, penis, and also contributes to the appearance of cervical erosion, dysplasia. Given such possible consequences, sexually active people need to be systematically checked by a doctor.


As it was said above, not in every casethe human papillom shows itself. Symptoms of it become palpable at the moment of weakening of the immune system. Warts develop on the lips, hands, and even more often on the labia, penis and around the anus. They are mostly beige, pink or white. The edges of such warts (they are also called condylomas) are uneven, sometimes they grow inside - into the skin. In some cases, there may be additional such symptoms:

  • itching in the areas of genital warts;
  • irritation;
  • pain in the affected area;
  • discomfort during intimate relationships.

HPV human papillomavirus

Ways of infection

As doctors say, it is through unprotectedSexual contact (including through oral and anal) is easiest to get a human papillomavirus. Symptoms in this case occur about 3 months after the act, but this is not necessary. The probability of infection during delivery is great, when the virus is transmitted from mother to child. The fact of his transfer through the placenta by doctors is also not refuted. The third way of infection is the household. It is especially dangerous to use hygiene products together - towels, toothbrushes, tweezers, scissors, etc.).


For today there are several basic techniques,which help to identify the human papillomavirus. Symptoms if already manifested, then visual inspection of mucous membranes is carried out. Women are also examined on the gynecological chair. Early diagnosis is possible due to:

  • kolkoskopii - inspection when using a microscope;
  • biopsy - it involves taking samplesAffected tissues for detailed study under magnifying devices (this method allows to detect oncological diseases in almost 98% of cases);
  • method of PCR - it is aimed at finding the pathogen;
  • cytological examination of the smear - detects changes, but does not "see" the cause;
  • Digene-test - indicates the presence / absence of HPV in the body, gives information about its danger.

Ideally, several methods are used that detect the human papillomavirus. To hand over the analysis of a blood also will not prevent.

human papillomavirus to pass analysis


Because there are a lot of varieties of HPV, as alreadyit was noted earlier, one treatment scheme simply can not be. To overcome the problem, doctors prescribe mostly antiviral and immunostimulating drugs. Warts and warts are surgically removed with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy), electric current (electrocoagulation), laser. To overcome this virus humanity can thanks to vaccination from it, that is, focusing its attention on prevention. This vaccination does not provide for the introduction of microorganisms, but it helps to produce those cells that do not allow the possibility of HPV to enter the body.

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