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Pharyngitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Pharyngitis Is a disease that is directly related toinflammation of the mucous part of the pharynx. As a rule, pharyngitis is the result of the transmitted diseases of the upper respiratory tract, acute respiratory illness or the flu. The disease and its development is affected not only by the virus, but also by the bacteria Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Infection often occurs in adverse environmental conditions. Pharyngitis, the symptoms of the disease and its development can also result from hypothermia of the body. Among people prone to the disease - those who drink, smoke, have reduced immunity or suffer from serious kidney and blood diseases.

Pharyngitis is of several kinds. Each of them has its own symptoms. So, if it's catarrhal pharyngitis, its symptoms are inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa, granulosa pharyngitis - its deeper layer. Like any other disease, pharyngitis has a chronic form. In this case, inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa occurs very often. Very often there is an acute form of the disease.

Acute pharyngitis, the symptoms of which are slightly different fromis more painful and painful. It is characterized by a sore throat, pain when swallowing and fever. As a rule, the general condition practically does not suffer. At inspection (pharyngoscopy) on a mucous membrane of a pharynx purulent raids are visible, on a back wall of a pharynx follicles in the form of red grains can act.

If a child complains of unpleasant feelings,pain or itching in the throat, coughing and pain in the ears, it's definitely pharyngitis. Symptoms in infants - restless behavior, poor appetite, violation of the regime. In children, up to two years of age, this disease is more severe. Pharyngitis is often combined with acute rhinitis and inflammation of the nasopharyngeal mucosa.

Pharyngitis is treated with the help of such activities asrinsing of the throat with special antiseptic or herbal solutions, irrigation of the pharynx with antiseptic aerosols, resorption of tablets or lozenges with a softening and anesthetic substance, ingestion of antibiotics.

Treatment of the disease First of all, the elimination offactor, which became its cause. Pharyngitis, the symptoms and signs of which were caused by bacteria, is treated with antibiotics. If the pharyngitis has been caused by a prolonged inhalation of smoke or irritants, doctors will first advise you to change jobs and take a more responsible approach to the use of personal protection methods.

All kinds of pharyngitis require smoking cessation. In the treatment of acute pharyngitis, it is important to combine treatment with concomitant disease therapy. To overcome acute pharyngitis, you must follow a diet that excludes sharp, hot and cold dishes, drink plenty of fluids and comply with bed rest. In addition, if you have acute pharyngitis, symptoms of it are eliminated by frequent rinsing of the throat with herbal decoctions, alkaline and oily inhalations and physiotherapy.

Today there are a lot of antimicrobial agentsfor topical use, which include antiseptic substances, essential oils, sulfonamides and antibiotics. Some medications are characterized by increased irritating effects, and some patients may not be suitable.

In addition to the local one,restorative treatment. It is usually prescribed in the chronic form of pharyngitis. At the heart of such treatment are various complexes of vitamins and minerals, echinacea and others. In any case, treatment should be started only after consulting a specialist. With the right treatment, you can get rid of pharyngitis very quickly without any complications. One way or another, without good immunity is indispensable.

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