/ Colposcopy of the cervix.

Colposcopy of the cervix.

Colposcopy of the cervix - diagnostica procedure that is based on examination of the cervical tissues under a microscope with high resolution. As a diagnostic manipulation, this procedure is currently very widespread.

This diagnostic method is used to confirm and clarify the diagnosis.

Colposcopy is never performed without clinical indication, i.e. without visible pathological changes in the cervical region or the entrance to the cervical canal.

During the diagnosis of tissues under a microscope, you can take some of the material for histological examination.

Colposcopy of the cervix is ​​used as a differential diagnosis of erosion of the cervix, cancer or other pathology of tissues.

Erosion is a borderline condition that can quickly become malignant, so it is necessary to carefully examine the tissues (it is possible to see single atypical cells).

In cases of erosion in women older than 22 years,obligatory research is colposcopy of the cervix. It is painful for the patient in this procedure - it depends solely on the woman and on her ability to relax. If the muscular tissue of the vagina is not in a tone and the woman is completely relaxed, then, in principle, there will be no painful sensations. However, in a situation where there is any inflammatory process in the genitals, the pain syndrome is not ruled out. Most often, patients experience some discomfort with the introduction of the colposcope, but these sensations can easily be overcome.

Colposcopy of the cervix in pregnancy -absolutely safe for the child procedure. Some future mothers are very worried and worried about this, and sometimes they refuse this method of diagnosis. However, all women should understand that it is better for the child to have early diagnosis and timely treatment started than an advanced form of the disease.

Therefore, if during pregnancy there are indications for carrying out colposcopy to a woman, then it is better to conduct this study.

Best during pregnancy planningto conduct colposcopy, so as not to injure the psyche of a pregnant woman. If the patient becomes pregnant and has been observed before the doctor about erosion, it is necessary to carry out the diagnosis under the microscope during the first appearance of the pregnant woman to the gynecologist and on the sixth month of pregnancy (in order to refute the malignancy of the process).

Colposcopy of the cervix can be performedin several ways and with different contrast agents. In this case, the doctor does everything at his discretion and depending on the disease. During contrast, atypical cells are white, or darken - a sign of oncological pathology. Erosion - a normal tissue, differing in structure and located in an unauthorized place, so they should not be influenced by contrast.

Colposcopy can be simple and extended, and colposcopy can sometimes result in cauterization, conization or biopsy, if there is evidence.

Colposcopy of the cervix is ​​not a screening method for diagnosis, and it does not need to be prescribed to all women, but only to those patients who have evidence for this.

It must be remembered that traumatizing the cervix of the uterusit is very easy, therefore, in the presence of any pathology, you must strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene. Sexual contacts should be cautious and not frequent, in fact thus the cervix can be injured more often, than at other circumstances.

Colposcopy is best done on the fifth - the seventh day of the cycle, but if necessary, you can perform this procedure on any other day, except menstrual.

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