/ Why does the elbow hurt?

Why does it hurt the elbow?

Elbow is an important element of the hand, thankswhich is carried out many different movements: flexion-extension, turns, rotation. In this case, the elbow has a rather complex construction, consisting of three bones, forming three joints. In addition, the elbow is connected to a variety of muscles.

Elbow is very prone to damage, which occurs with constantly repeated movements. Treatment of diseases of the elbow joints is a rather difficult and lengthy process.

If the elbow hurts, then the cause may be the following diseases: epicondylitis, arthrosis, arthritis, osseochondrosis of the thoracic and cervical section.

Epicondylitis is one of the most commondiseases in which the elbow hurts. This disease is associated with injuries or too much strain on the similarity. As a rule, epicondylitis is characterized by pain that occurs when the load on the elbow: lifting weights, wearing weights, playing tennis, working with a screwdriver for a long time, etc. Externally, the joint is not changed at all, and pain does not arise at rest and during movements without loads.

Another very common reason for ulnapain - osteochondrosis or damaged vertebrae in the cervical and thoracic region. Externally, the joint remains unchanged, but the elbow hurts even in a state of rest. The nature of pain - the pain that pierces the entire arm comes from the backbone of the cervical or thoracic region.

If the elbow hurts, then the cause may be arthrosis. Characterized by the strongest among the pains arising during flexion and full extension of the hand, and crunching in the joint. Externally, the elbow remains unchanged.

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease,causing swelling, redness and severe pain in the joint. The elbow becomes hot and aching both during movement and at rest. Arthritis is often accompanied by bursitis, in which a formation filled with fluid appears on the posterior bend of the elbow. At an arthritis simultaneously can amaze not only elbows, but also other joints.

There are many medicines andmethods that very successfully treat pain in the elbow joint. Treatment with folk remedies has also not lost its relevance and is used as a supplement to medical methods.

Beat three egg yolks. Mix separately for 50 grams of alcohol and camphor, add 50 grams of dry mustard. The resulting mixture is combined with proteins. The received agent to put on the night on the patient an elbow and to fasten with a woolen scarf.

Since ancient times for getting rid of joint painused sabelnik marsh. To prepare the product, you need to take the roots of the plant, finely chop them, put in a liter jar, filling it with a third. Pour the crushed roots with vodka and put it for three weeks in a dark place. When this period is over, tincture the strain and take a tablespoon three times a day. For the night from the same tincture make compresses on the sore spot.

Known remedy for joint pain - compressesfrom curdled milk or sour milk and eggshells. For the preparation, the same parts of sour milk or post-vash and the crushed egg shell are mixed. The resulting gruel put on a rag, attach to the joint. Cover with a wrap and wrap it with a warm kerchief. Do for the night five days in a row. If the pain does not pass, then take a break in five days and repeat the course of treatment.

If the elbow hurts, you can use herbalointment. Two teaspoons of parched St. John's wort, a tablespoon of yarrow, a tablespoon of vaseline to put on a water bath, stir constantly. Obtain the ointment applied to the patient's elbow at night every day.

Very popular in people means of pain inThe elbow is a tincture of herbs taken internally. Tincture is made by the excess of cowberry, St. John's wort, calendula and other herbs. Crushed raw materials are poured with boiling water, insisted, they drink for several months.

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