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Cystitis is a treatment and symptoms.

If you come to the doctor and explain your symptoms, youyou will hear from him in response that your diagnosis is cystitis, it means that the mucous membrane of your bladder is inflamed. In your head, you probably will have a thought consisting of two phrases: cystitis, treatment. But do not hurry with the treatment, because first you need to understand what cystitis is and in what form it is you.

Most often this type of disease is pronewomen, which is due to their hormonal and anatomical features of the body. But in men, it happens usually as a consequence of any inflammatory diseases of the organs of the urinary tract system. Such inflammations are prostate adenoma, prostatitis, and others like that.

Cystitis is primary (occurs in healthyorganism) and secondary (due to some disease). And already in the course of how the disease flows, you can determine what kind of illness you have, acute or chronic. Also, cystitis is non-bacterial and bacterial. The first type includes infectious non-bacterial cystitis (viral, chlamydial, tubercular, fungal). And also non-infectious cystitis (chemical, radiation, hypersensitive and autoimmune); interstitial (the cause of the occurrence is unknown).

Common symptoms of such a disease as cystitis are:

  • pain when urinating;
  • a very frequent desire to urinate;
  • rarely blood in the urine;
  • pain in the abdomen (with exacerbation).

Symptoms in chronic cystitis are the same, but only differ in lesser severity.

Acute and chronic cystitis symptoms:

  • frequent urination in small portions;
  • pain, burning in the ureter during and after urination, and in the lower abdomen;
  • feeling of insufficient release of the bladder;
  • with strong urge, even incontinence episodes are possible (this is a sign of inflammation of the external sphincter);
  • urine cloudy, possibly darkening and the appearance of blood;
  • sometimes a rise in body temperature is possible.

Now, after you've learned someinformation about the disease of cystitis, you can proceed to the topic of treatment. Treatment of any disease is better to start right at the beginning is not an exception and cystitis, whose treatment at home is highly discouraged. After all, the doctor must determine the degree of the disease, the type and form of the flow. In addition, before the start of treatment, it is necessary to pass tests, after which additional examinations of the genital organs are possible. If it is a case of a disease such as cystitis, treatment is always selected individually. And usually this is the use of a set of methods taking into account the causes and nature of the disease. When identifying sexual infections in cystitis, treatment is carried out simultaneously from a number of diseases.

Cystitis treatment:

When an acute disease is prescribedspecial medications and prescribe bed rest. Also you need to consume a lot of liquid and exclude salty and spicy dishes, sauces, condiments, canned food. It is recommended to eat fruit and vegetable food, as well as all milk.

With chronic cystitis, you need firstto establish the causes that provoked the inflammation. In this case, treatment is the restoration of urodynamics, and the elimination of foci of reinfection, with the removal of urinary stones. Also, antibiotic treatment is carried out, but only after specially scheduled examinations. But UHF is prescribed to improve supply of the walls of the bladder with blood, exactly as well as inductothermia, and mud applications.

If the medication is ineffective,resort to surgery - increase the volume or remove the bladder. Surgical treatment of cystitis happens very rarely, and usually this is a consequence of neglect of the disease. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor at the first appearance of the above symptoms.

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