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How to make a hookah on wine: features and recommendations

Hookah, invented in India, very quicklyspread in the world of Muslims. For them, this is not an ordinary smoking device, but an entire tradition, part of history. The very first instruments were made from walnut shells. Since the XIX century the hookah has started its European march. Here he began to be considered a luxury item of oriental style. Today they like hookah in Russia. For us it has become a fashionable phenomenon. People consider hookah to be a way to get rid of stress after a hard day at work. It is even compared to yoga or a tea ceremony in China.

hookah on wine
Someone thinks his smoke is not only more pleasant, but also much safer than a cigarette. And what is a hookah on wine and how to cook it properly?

Is it difficult to cook a hookah?

Many fans of this wonderful device forflushing passed to wine in the form of filler only because when it inhales there are inexpressible sensations. But picking the right ingredients and proportions is not easy. Therefore, it is often preferred to smoke a hookah on wine in specialized institutions. You can try to create it at home. This requires a good wine and experience in smoking hookah.

Classic Rules

Accurately follow the step-by-step instructions below and you will make a hookah with wine without any problems:

  1. Choose a good and quality wine. You need to mix it with water. Knowledgeable people do not advise using clean drinks (vodka, whiskey and so on), since they over-tighten the tobacco. Smoking of such hookah can cause alcohol intoxication, dizziness and even vomiting.

     a hookah with wine

  2. Dilute the alcoholic beverage with water toget a good hookah on the wine. The proportions are best met such: one to three. Thus, you will get a light and pleasant taste, not interfering with the perception of tobacco. If the device is prepared for a person who likes to drink, then the proportions of wine and water can be one to one. However, in this case, the taste of tobacco is felt much less clearly (plus, alcoholic intoxication may occur).
  3. If the water was warm, then cool the solution.
  4. Pour the resulting mixture into the flask of the hookah. The tube of the device should be submerged in liquid approximately on 6 centimeters. More liquid in the flask should not be poured, as this will complicate the process of smoking. In turn, this difficulty can cause rapid fatigue from the device and a general dissatisfaction with the process. In addition, such a depth of immersion will perfectly filter toxins, which means saving the lungs of a smoker. Harmful substances remain in the wine, as in the filter.

This is important to remember!

To enjoy the process, you do not need morenothing. But it is important to remember: it's not the temperature of the composition or the strict definition of proportions. You should only use a good alcoholic beverage. Choose a quality and fragrant wine. Surrogates will not help you make a hookah on wine, reviews about which are usually enthusiastic. In addition, scientists argue that the use of surrogates affects the development of diseases of the mouth.

What kind of wine to buy?

Experts believe that it is best for a hookaha young red wine will do. This drink, when smoking, emits light vapors and a wonderful aroma, a pleasant taste. It is this wine experts recommend in the first place. The use of white wine, too, does not cause censure, especially if you alternate it with red.

 Hookah on wine proportions
Taste sensations change and allow you to getmore pleasure from the process. Pink Muscat and sparkling beverages are important to use with great care. Hookah on the wine of this sort, can, and is interesting from the flavor and aromatic point of view, but can be dangerous. These drinks can intoxicate the smoker more quickly. Fortified wines should also be used very carefully. Maybe it makes sense to dilute them with water more than light alcoholic beverages.

How to make a hookah on wine? Choosing tobacco

As in the case of wine, tobacco, too, choose onlyHigh Quality. To a good wine taste, a good flavored tobacco is excellent (it is better to choose a fruit one). Experts know which tobacco is combined with any kind of drink. So:

  • If you make a hookah on red wine, a mixture of tobacco with the aroma of chocolate, cherry or plum is suitable.
  • Strawberry, melon, grapes are suitable for cooking hookah with white wine.
  • Flavored minty tobacco will suit a sparkling and pink drink.
  • If you still decide to try a hookah on wine and vodka, then get the best quality tobacco without flavors.

An important safety rule

All spent mixture after completion of the processit is important to pour out of the hookah bulb. The wine, which absorbed all the toxic substances of tobacco, became poisonous. By its smell and color, the solution looks like wine, but it can not be called that. If you used vodka, then it just becomes cloudy. But drink the mixture in no case it is impossible - it can result in severe poisoning or even death.

Wine is a filter?

Now you know how to make a hookah on wine. To create a good mixture you need to know clearly what the person wants from the process. Incomparable pleasure comes to the smoker with the right combination of tobacco and wine.

how to make a hookah on wine
And yet it is important to remember: let the wine and is a kind of filter that absorbs a large number of toxins in tobacco, your lungs from the problems completely it does not save. They still get toxins, and later it can lead to diseases of the respiratory system.

If you want to make a nice hookah withoutuse of alcohol, then take fresh juices or teas. Perfectly suitable for smoking simple drinking water, milk (it softens the smoke), pomegranate juice, cold red karkade tea.

how to make a hookah on wine
If you put cherry fruits or grapes in a transparent flask (as did the ancient oriental connoisseurs of hookah), you can simultaneously enjoy tobacco smoking and playing berries in a vessel.

How to prepare the device for smoking?

The article describes in detail how to preparea hookah with wine. But not everyone knows how to generally prepare the device for its intended use. When you fill the flask with a mixture, close it tightly. Inside you can also put ice cubes. So the smoke will cool faster. Place the shaft on the flask. Then put the saucer on the shaft. It is necessary for waste coal, tongs and lids if smoking a hookah takes place outdoors.

Hookah on wine reviews
The cover protects the device from wind. Put a bowl on the saucer and go to the most important stage - the clogging with tobacco apparatus. Do not forget to dry the tobacco well before use (if the excess moisture remains, gently pat it with a tissue). If the tobacco is large, you can even cut it a little with a knife. Sticks and large parts of it must be removed. We put the tobacco in the bowl, do not do it, but add to the brim. Do not compact the mixture, otherwise you will not achieve decay. Next, take food foil, add it in half and cover the bowl. With a toothpick, pierce several holes in the foil. If you set the foil ring vertically and the top one is another layer (also pierced with a toothpick), you create an air space in the instrument. In this case, the tobacco will not burn, but smolder, which is the best suited for smoking hookah.

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