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We understand what to treat allergy in the sun

Today there are so many different kindsallergies: dust, animal hair, food, medicines, etc. In total, and do not take into account. But there are people who are allergic to the sun. How to treat this disease and how to correctly identify the symptoms?

than to treat allergy in the sun
About the concept

Allergy to the sun in medicine is calledphotodermatosis (photodermatitis or, in people, "sunny" dermatitis). Most often, this disease affects children, who were first brought to the sea, to the south. There are similar allergic reactions around May and end at a time when the sun is no longer so active - around September-October. It is also worth noting that this disease is not chronic. Having suffered from this type of allergy and properly cured, you can get rid of it once and for all.


Before to understand, than to treat an allergy onsun, it is necessary to determine the main features of it. If a person just sneezes, going out into the sunlight, there is nothing terrible in such an allergic reaction is not, it does not require treatment. But if a person has reddening of the skin, itching, and in more severe cases - rashes, as well as varying degrees of swelling, you need to see a doctor and get an appointment.

how to treat allergy in the sun
Disease flow

How often does this disease occur? Independently to pass or take place various signs of an allergy on the sun can approximately within several days. However, if you do not carry out treatment, then it is fraught with the development of various skin diseases, lower blood pressure, the emergence of bronchospasm.

What to do?

Before to understand, than to treat an allergy onsun, it is worth sticking to a few simple rules for people suffering from this type of disease. On sunny days it is better for them to appear on the street in long clothes from dense fabric, do not use deodorants, try to get as little as possible under the open sunlight. With less severe symptoms, you can train your body, exposing the skin to moderate sunlight.

sun allergies how to heal
Methods of treatment

So, than to treat an allergy in the sun? It all depends on what kind of symptoms are observed in a person. After using all the means of prevention, the first assistants in this situation are antihistamines. If the skin has a rash, doctors can recommend the use of ointments, which include zinc. When inflammation can help aspirin. If the skin is affected, you can use nicotinic acid, antioxidants, B vitamins, and C and E.

Folk remedies

But besides medicines, there are other ways,how to treat allergies in the sun. People's means can help in this. It is worth noting that these options take away the symptoms, but do not relieve the cause of the disease. So, if a person's skin is affected, cabbage leaf or potatoes (cut into slices) will help relieve pain and swelling. These products need to be applied to the affected areas of the skin and after a while you will feel some relief. More options than treating allergies in the sun: will help in this decoction of wormwood and butter with celandine. An excellent assistant can be a variety of herbal baths, in which you need to dip the sun-damaged areas of the body.

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