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Details of why the heel of the leg hurts

It's not always possible to understand why the heel hurtslegs, without due medical examination. That is why to find out the true causes of such unpleasant sensations in the lower extremities, you should immediately consult a doctor. If in the next few days you can not visit the hospital, then it is possible to assume why the heel of the foot hurts, after reading the following list of diseases, which are characterized by discomfort in the feet.

why does my heel hurt?

Bursitis or arthritis

If your lower limbs have been subjected to suchinflammation, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that you regularly hurt your legs. After all, the inflammation affects the entire area of ​​the tissue that connects the fingers to the calcaneus. For the above diseases is characterized by increasing pain, which especially worries in the mornings, as well as after a long stay on his heels. In addition, unpleasant sensations in bursitis or arthritis can start to bother a person after walking the stairs. In order to calm the pain, the patient is recommended to do a foot massage.

Plantar fasciitis

The answer to the question: "Why does my heel hurt?""It may well be a pathology that is characterized by such a deviation, when the whole of the foot tightens the connective tissue.The unpleasant sensations in the legs with this diagnosis are quickly provoked by wearing tight and not very comfortable shoes without lifting for a long time. can also be complicated by the deposition of salts.

Violations or inflammation in the Achilles tendon

This disease is characterized by the fact that the hearthdiscomfort is difficult to determine. After all, according to the descriptions of patients, it is located slightly above the heel or directly below it from the sole. Usually discomfort in people with this disease appears during walking.

aching heel treatment

Heel spur

Perhaps, the most probable and widespreadthe answer to the question of why the heel of the foot hurts is the following: a build-up on the bone was formed, which in medical practice is usually called a spur. Most often people with such a diagnosis feel discomfort in the early morning - after they take the first steps.

The presence of any infection (including sexual infection)
why does my heel hurt?

Such latent infections as gonorrhea, chlamydia andOther, too, can be the reason that a person constantly hurts his heels. Treatment of these diseases should be carried out only after examination and diagnosis. As a rule, therapy of sexually transmitted diseases lasts for 2-5 weeks. After this, recovery comes, including stops in the lower limbs.

Inflammation in the heel

Why does my heel hurt? This question is often asked by those who have chronic inflammation of the joints. It should be specially noted that in the risk group are people who were previously diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, Bechterew's disease or gout. The presented diseases are quite easy to identify. To do this, you just need to take the venous blood for analysis.

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