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Thrush: treatment, drugs that can help

According to the studies, most of themodern women have ever had to meet with such a disease as thrush, or candidiasis. Almost half of the cases showed a relapse of the disease. The presence of this disease, in addition to the discomfort caused by burning in the vagina, can lead to a deterioration of family relations. And here at once the logical chain is built: "thrush - treatment - drugs that can help."

With local treatment, vaginalcreams, suppositories and suppositories (active ingredients: clotrimazole, itraconazole, metronidazole in combination with miconazole). Fluconazole is the most widely used for systemic exposure. To create the optimal concentration, 150 mg of fluconazole (1-3 tablets) should be taken once. It should be noted that in no case should you engage in self-treatment, you should immediately consult a doctor. With incorrectly selected therapy, the disease can go into a chronic form.

thrush treatment drugs

Before you start acting insequences "thrush - treatment - drugs that help get rid of it," it is necessary to understand what causes the disease, to understand its nature. The causative agent of this disease is yeast-like fungi, of which today there are about two hundred species. And they can be both in the vagina, and on the mucous membrane of the mouth or in the intestines.

Candidiasis has a predispositionwomen who eat poorly, with a deficiency of vitamins in the body, taking a large number of medicines, especially antibiotics, without the doctor's advice. Among the patients who are predisposed to this disease, we can refer people suffering from tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, who have had inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. Therefore, any person before the emergence of the sequence "thrush - treatment - drugs to combat it," should pay attention to their health, it will help prevent the disease.

The studies show that moreall women are prone to candidiasis during contraceptive use, at the beginning of menstruation and during pregnancy. This is explained by the change in the hormonal balance that is inevitable in these moments in the female body. The intake of antibiotics in large quantities can also strike on lactobacilli, which just restrain the growth of yeast fungi. Therefore, in order to break the destructive chain "thrush - treatment - drugs to combat yeast-like fungi," it is necessary to take medicines only on the advice of a doctor.

Equally unpleasant thrush in infants, whose treatment is difficult due to the restrictions in taking medications for this category of patients.

thrush in infants

In infants, the first sign of the disease iswhitish coating in the mouth, but even after it is removed, redness remains. The thrush in infants does not present a danger at first, its treatment is reduced to hygiene compliance, obligatory boiling of nipples, pacifiers. If the child is breast-feeding, then it is necessary to wipe the nipples with a solution of baking soda.

thrush in infants

If you can not get rid of yourselfillness, it is necessary to contact the district pediatrician who will prescribe the treatment. It can be both antifungal agents of general action, and special ointments and liquids.

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