/ / The drug "Orsoten Slim." Instructions for use

The drug Orsoten Slim. Instructions for use

The Orsoten Slim tablets are not available. The medication is in the form of capsules.

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The drug inhibits gastrointestinal lipases. The medicine has a long-lasting effect. The medication is active in the lumen of the small intestine and stomach. The therapeutic effect of the drug is carried out without systemic absorption. The active substance - orlistat - causes an increase in the level of fat in the feces after a day or two after taking. After the treatment is completed, the content is returned to the initial value in two to three days.

Medication Orsoten Slim. Instructions. Indications

The drug is recommended for prolonged therapy of obese patients with a mass index of more than thirty kilograms per square meter or overweight with a BMI greater than 28 kg / m2. The medication is also indicated for patients who have risk factors associated with obesity. The medicine is prescribed in combination with a low-calorie diet.

The drug Orsoten Slim. Instructions for use

Orsoten Slim user guide

Once recommended for 120 mg. The drug is taken three times before meals. It is allowed to drink capsules with food or not later than an hour after it. If you miss a meal or if you do not eat fat, you can not drink it. Dosage of the drug is greater than 120 mg three times a day, does not increase its therapeutic effectiveness. Duration of admission - no longer than two years. With renal dysfunction and for patients in the elderly, adjustments to the amount of medication per day are not required.

The medicine "Orsoten Slim". Instructions. Side effects

When taking the remedy, flatulence can occur inaccompanied by secretions from the rectum, oily or fatty stools, frequent desires for defecation. On the basis of treatment there is soreness in the abdomen, itching and rash on the skin, hives, diverticulitis, a sense of anxiety. To the negative reactions when taking the drug Orsoten Slim, the instruction refers infectious lesions in the upper parts of the respiratory tract, dysmenorrhea, influenza-like syndrome, angioedema. On the basis of treatment, lesions of gums and teeth, cholelithiasis, bronchospasm, hypoglycemia (in patients with a second type of diabetes mellitus) can occur.

Orsoten slim instruction
The drug Orsoten Slim. Instructions. Contraindications

Do not prescribe medication for cholestasis, in childrenage (up to eighteen years), with syndrome of malabsorption of a chronic type, during pregnancy and lactation. Capsules are not recommended for hypersensitivity.

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The medication is effective for long-term monitoringweight (reducing weight, maintaining it at the required level and preventing re-increase). Due to the action of active components, the profile of risk factors and pathologies accompanying obesity (including glucose tolerance disorder, hypercholesterolemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperinsulinemia) improves. Providing adequate nutrition on the background of therapy is facilitated by taking multivitamin preparations. Patients should strictly follow the instructions of a specialist.

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