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Signs of prostatitis, advice and recommendations

signs of prostatitis

Launched and prolonged inflammatorythe process can lead to irreversible changes and chronic prostatitis. Patients with signs of prostatitis often develop disorders of the nervous system, often there are sexual disorders, a sense of partner insolvency and erectile dysfunction. Chronic prostatitis adversely affects the reproductive health of men.

signs and treatment of prostatitis

Typical Symptoms

Pain in the groin, which extend to the outergenitals are classic signs of prostatitis. In some cases, the disease can occur accompanied by a weakening of the sexual function and with minor impairment of urination.

Atypical symptoms

A man may have no signs and symptomsprostatitis, as well as a feeling of discomfort. But they often do not get married children. In such cases, the disease is detected in the diagnosis of male infertility and a complex treatment is prescribed.

Symptoms of prostatitis in old age

In the elderly, signs and treatment of prostatitisChronic forms have their own characteristics. After 50 years, the disease favors the aggravation of adenoma prostate flow and adds such significant inconveniences as difficulty and frequent urination.

Home Treatment

The Elatomsky Instrument Plant issues a deviceMAVIT (ULP-01), intended for complex therapy of a chronic form of prostatitis in a home environment. The device combines the actions of three therapeutic factors that affect the prostate: mechanical vibration, pulsed electromagnetic and thermal field. The combination of physiotherapeutic factors MAVITa creates a therapeutic effect on the vascular and lymphatic channels, nerve plexuses, surrounding the prostate tissue and on the gland by combined thermal, contact unconscious and magnetic effects.

signs and symptoms of prostatitis

Prevention of prostatitis

Tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse,suspended sexual intercourse, sexual redundancy and dysrhythmia of sexual life contribute to increased blood flow to the pelvic organs and venous saturation in the prostate gland, thereby aggravating the signs of prostatitis. Due to "stagnant phenomena" in the body creates a fertile environment for the retention of pathogens and infections that can be transmitted during sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the likelihood of a disease with such a disease! Venereologists believe that prostatitis is an inevitable consequence of gonorrheal urethritis. If the diagnosis is "chronic prostatitis", then do not exaggerate the probability of negative consequences of the disease. It will take a healthy lifestyle, physical work and sports. It should be remembered that the use of even a small amount of alcoholic beverages will inevitably lead to an aggravation. In the treatment recommended orderly sex life.

It should be noted that even protracted signs of prostatitis do not exclude a normal family life if the patient and his attending physician treat the disease accordingly.

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