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Candles for thrush for women

The fungus of the genus Candida is present in the bodyalmost every person. If everything is normal, then he perfectly gets on with his master. As a result of a decrease in immunity, infection with other infections from a sexual partner or non-compliance with personal hygiene rules, an unpleasant disease develops, such as thrush, in which Candida breaks the acid balance.

Treatment of thrush in women is accompanied bycertain difficulties. The most frequently used candles from thrush for women, which have a local effect on the affected area of ​​the fungus. In view of the fact that the disease caused by the Candida fungus is prone to frequent relapses, it is worth paying special attention to the fact that the treatment should be carried out until the end of the allotted period. It is not necessary to think, that the eliminated symptoms of a thrush within one-two days testify to full cure. Only a full course can indicate that the fungus has disappeared.

In order to successfully cure thrush,it is worthwhile to begin to identify the symptoms of the disease. This is primarily an itch and burning sensation in the genital area, secretions resembling cottage cheese, with a sour smell, excessive secretion of unclear mucus on the daily lining, painful sensations after sexual intercourse and urination. If these symptoms occur, do not immediately go to the pharmacy and do self-medication. It is not necessary to start this process, you should immediately contact a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Candles from thrush for pregnant women can not always help in the usual situation. Non-pregnant, in addition to local treatment, additionally prescribed and pills that can slow down the development of this disease. Certain requirements must be met by candles from the milkwoman during lactation. Pregnant and lactating can also be prescribed to strengthen immunity, so that thrush will not be repeated.

Today in the pharmacy network there is sufficientthe number of drugs for the treatment of vaginal candidiasis, but still candles from thrush are given a greater preference than other treatments. Here it is worth noting such an important factor as the convenience of use and direct contact of the drug substance with the fungus.

In addition, candles from thrush for women are almost always acceptable and have no contraindications to use.

The most popular candles, which includeClotrimazole is a strong antifungal agent. He perfectly copes with the growth of the Candida fungus and thereby heals of the disease in the shortest possible time. The course of treatment with such candles is ten days. They must be put before bedtime, so that the medicine can be kept in the vagina for as long as possible.

Another effective candle from thrush forwomen - candles with pimafucin. This substance acts a little softer than clotrimazole, but also copes well with fungal cells. The duration of setting candles with pimafucine is from seven to ten days. Before using candles it is recommended to moisten with warm water so that they will dissolve well. Applicator inserts the candle into the vagina and is left overnight. In this case, pimafucin begins to foam, which increases the area of ​​distribution of the drug substance.

In addition to the most popular drugs, doctors also recommend such candles for thrush for women, as Livarol, Terzhinan, Polizhinaks, Klion-D, Ovulum, Ginezol.

The popularity of candles from thrush is not provenonly the amount of advertising on television. They are really good at curing vaginal candidiasis. For the prevention of the disease, if the recurrence of thrush attacks more than four times a year, you can once a week after the full course to put vaginal tablets with clotrimazole, which will protect against Candida fungus.

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