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Why the head hurts: knowledge of the cause is the key to successful treatment

15% of the world's population have neverfelt a headache. But, unfortunately, these lucky people are a minority. The remaining 85% of the world's inhabitants have at least once had an opportunity to experience all the "charms" of this ailment. Of these, 20% are subject to such painful attacks regularly. The statistics are disappointing. After all, pain is a protective reaction of the body, which can signal about any more serious health disorder. Therefore, with a headache, tolerating or drowning it with an analgesic is far from the best way out.

To competently build a defense in the first placeturn, you need to understand - from whom to defend, that is, why the headache? Then it will be much easier to find an effective weapon. This insidious enemy can have about 200 guises and not less than fifty reasons to capture the peaceful territory of the main part of your body. Now, it remains to be seen how your headache looks. Of course, the ideal option is to visit several competent doctors who will prescribe all the necessary examinations. But you can try and find out yourself why your head hurts.

In 90% of cases, the reason why the headache,become vascular disorders. The most common diagnosis is vegetative-vascular dystonia (VDD), which in turn has about 70 varieties, each of which requires special treatment. Basically, the pain arises from too much stretching of the blood vessels, their spasm, which leads to an increase or decrease in blood pressure. In the first case, that is, with the diagnosis of the VSD according to the hypertonic type, a person feels a throbbing pain, aches and thuds in the temples. In the second case, with an HPA according to the hypotonic type, patients complain of a pressing, dull bursting pain. As a rule, in such situations, a specialist-neurologist prescribes medications that can lower, or raise blood pressure. Also, there is a sense in the overall strengthening of the cardiovascular system: swimming, potassium mixture, herbal medicine and, of course, a healthy lifestyle - all this has a beneficial effect on the body.

To the vascular type of headaches is andmigraine, the causes of which are still very little known. Among the known - hypertonus of facial and cervical muscles, eating foods that contain nitrites, preservatives and amines, various types of stress, hypodynamia, inadequate production of the hormone of happiness - serotonin in the body, too much psychological stress, and also a hereditary factor. Migraine pain - dull, growing, often accompanied by photophobia (photophobia), the appearance of black dots before the eyes, ringing in the ears, numbness of certain parts of the body.

One of the reasons why your head often hurts isbecome a prolonged overexertion of the muscles of the head, resulting from the adoption of incorrect positions. Among them: pressing the chin to the chest, the habit of stooping, wrinkling the forehead, shifting the eyebrows, long-lowered head, a strong cough and sleep in an uncomfortable position, for example, on a too large pillow. Pain of the muscular type with a dense pressing "ring" on all sides compresses the head.

Asking myself the question: why the head is very painful, pay attention to the following signs: the nature of the pain, its periodicity. So, if the pain is sharp and painful, repeated at regular intervals, and even a simple touch to individual parts of the head causes suffering, then you are faced with a pain of a neural type.

There are many more reasons why the headache. Among them, fatigue, lack of oxygen, excess salt, increased intracranial pressure, congestion of venous blood, as well as craniocerebral trauma and mental disorders. Only a doctor can accurately determine the type of your headache and choose the right treatment, most suitable for your body and age. Be healthy!

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