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Causes of pain in the knee during flexion and extension.

The human body is amazing and universalmechanism. The joints of the hands and feet ensure the normal operation of the limbs. Especially it is necessary to allocate knee joints with which help legs are bent and bent. Unfortunately, many of us have knee pain when flexing. Here, the most important thing in everything is to understand, because the reasons, in connection with which there are pains in the knee joint, a lot. With minor pain in the knee, one should not make hasty conclusions. It can be due to age, that is, with time, changes occur in the joint: the working surface wears away and the volume of the interarticulate fluid decreases substantially.

Inadequate pain in the knee is one thing, butif the pain is sharp and systematic, it is best to protect yourself and consult a specialist. After all, severe pain in the knees can be signs of serious pathologies and diseases. Self-medication is not the best option. The fact is that the knee is the most complex joint in the human body. In its structure it is quite a vulnerable mechanism, which is subjected to enormous physical loads every day. The mobility of the knee is provided by strong leg muscles. If the knee does not function fully, the flexion and extension of the legs is in question. When you have pain in the knee during extension, the main causes may be damaged tendons, ligaments or menisci. A very dangerous disease is arthritis, an inflammatory knee joint. Let's take a closer look at the causes that cause pain in the knee when flexing.

The pain in the knee joint can be explained,only to find out its cause. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances in which there may be pain in the knee during flexion. A banal bruise or an old leg injury can make itself felt after many years. In injuries, a partial or complete rupture of ligaments occurs most often.

The most common disease of the knee joint,if you believe the statistics - it's a meniscus damage. Often a person who has never experienced any knee pain can undergo an attack called "blockade of the knee joint." If you have a chronic subluxation of the knee, pain in the knee joint area can not be avoided. This is only the beginning of a list of causes that cause knee pain when flexing.

Go ahead. Did you notice that your knee is blushing, swollen, aching when touched? These are the first signs of bursitis. The main cause of the disease are inflammatory processes that affect the periarticular bag. It contains the fluid that is washing the joint. It happens that the fluid in the joint cavity is surplus. This is caused by the inflammation of the inner shell of the joint.

Leader among diseases of the knee joint,of course, is arthritis with all its manifestations. From this ailment, hundreds of thousands of people of different age categories suffer. The main signs are swelling, redness of the joint. The peak of pain is at night.

Surely you noticed that some people havewalking or running can hear a crunch. This is the cause of arthrosis. This disease is not associated with arthritis, but is the wear of the intraarticular cartilage. The form of severe arthritis is gout. Because of worsening of blood circulation, pains of the same degree of intensity in both knees are quite possible. This is especially true when weather changes.

Unfortunately, one universal waytreatment of all of the above diseases of the knee joint. In each individual case, it is necessary to determine the exact cause. This is achieved by various methods of research. Basically do X-rays, computed tomography, MRI and arthroscopy. The main thing is not to forget that with newly started pain in the knees, you should immediately consult a doctor who will identify the cause and prescribe a course of treatment. Otherwise, the disease will go to a chronic stage, in which one-hundred-year guarantees of recovery no one will give.

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