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Ointment ichthyol. Application in the treatment of diseases

Ointment ichthyol, the use of which relieves many ailments, can be compared in its effectiveness with expensive drugs.

This means is a viscous mass withspecific aroma of tar, which quickly disappears. This characteristic may discourage some people from using this drug, but it should be noted that the opinion of the unpleasant odor of the ointment is greatly exaggerated. The odor of the drug is explained by its composition. It is made of resins obtained with complex processing of oil shales. It is in this process that a substance such as ichtamol forms, giving the product a black color and an island specific odor.

Ichthyol ointment, the use of which is sufficientpopular in folk medicine, thanks to its effective healing effect allows you to forget about the not so pleasant aroma that it publishes. Most people who at least once used this remedy, certainly store it in reserve at their home medicine chest.

Ointment ichthyol. Application in the treatment of diseases

This drug successfully helps with burns,furunculosis, acne and erysipelas. He is also appreciated for the fact that he can drive out a splinter and relieves suppuration. It is also used in the following diseases:

- arthritis,

- Inflammation of the cross of the small pelvis,

- neuralgic ailments,

- metritite,

- Parameters,

- salpingitis

- prostatitis (special candles are used for treatment).

In order to get rid of furunculosis,it is necessary to apply a ten- or twenty-percent ointment to problem areas. It is advantageously different from modern lotions of low cost, but not inferior to them in the effectiveness of treatment of the disease.

Most often such a tool is used for pimplesand purulent inflammation, localized under the skin. Ichthyol ointment helps to get rid of such problems in a short period of time, leaving no traces, no redness.

How does this drug work?

First, it relieves the pain caused by the pimple orfuruncle, then reduces the inflammatory process due to its anesthetic effect. After that, the ointment dries out the lesion and promotes the acceleration of regenerative processes in damaged tissues.

Ointment ichthyol, the use of which allows you to forget about unpleasant inflamed tubercles on the skin, is often compared with Vishnevsky ointment. It has the same strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Ichthyol ointment with hemorrhoids greatly facilitates the patient's condition. For this, it is necessary to lubricate cracks with this agent at least once a day.

How to use the drug correctly?

You need to open the container that contains themeans, and pick up a small amount with a cotton swab. Then apply the ointment directly to the abscess, boil or pimple. It is recommended to perform this procedure in the evening before going to bed, since the remedy should be on the affected area for at least eight hours. To avoid spreading the drug, it is necessary to seal the treated areas with a medical plaster.

It is often used ichthyol ointment from acne. Comments on its application are mostly positive. Within one night, it is able to significantly reduce the inflamed area, remove redness and swelling. To completely get rid of the problem, you need to repeat the procedure a few more times.

In the pharmacy you can also buy this drug with glycerin. It has all the same healing properties, besides it does not dry the skin.

It should be noted that the ointment has no contraindications. However, its use can cause side effects when individual components are intolerant.

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