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Medication "Enerion": reviews and applications

The drug "Enerion" belongs to the groupmedicines, which are used for asthenic conditions. The main active substance is salbutamine, synthesized from thiamine. In addition, the composition includes colloidal anhydrous silicon dioxide, polysorbate, povidone, glycerin monooleate, ethylcellulose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, glucose monohydrate, beeswax, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch and other components.

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Description of the medicine "Enerion"

Patients' comments indicate that the medicinestabilizes the coordination of movements, increases the stability of the brain during hypoxia, increases the resistance of muscles, improves memory and attention. Medication, penetrating through the barrier (blood-brain), accumulates in the structures of the brain, in the cerebellum, cells of the reticular formation. The clinical efficacy of the drug has been proven by research. When administered orally, "Enerion" is rapidly absorbed, and maximum concentration is achieved in two hours. The medicine is in the form of tablets.

Indications for the use of the medicine "Enerion"

Patient feedback indicates usefunds for the therapy of postinfection asthenia, which develops due to bacterial and viral diseases of the respiratory system, hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid fever.

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In addition, the medicine eliminates asthenia,arising in patients with somatic pathology, depression, in the elderly (in violation of thinking, intelligence, concentration), students (mental and physical fatigue), athletes.

Contraindications and side effects of the drug "Enerion"

Doctors' comments prohibit the use of medicationwith congenital galactosemia, sensitivity to the active substance, malabsorption syndrome of galactose and glucose. Usually the medicine is well tolerated. However, there were cases of side effects, which were accompanied by headache, weakness, tremor, allergic manifestations, dyspeptic abnormalities. In rare cases, the remedy may induce a mild arousal in the elderly.

Preparation "Enerion": instructions for use

The drug is intended for oralapplication. The daily dosage for adult patients is 2-3 tablets, which must be taken as a whole, washed down with water. Must be eaten during meals.

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According to strict indications, the medication can be prescribedadolescents after adulthood. Dosage of the medicine in all cases is determined by the doctor. The standard therapy scheme includes taking one tablet at breakfast and lunch. During pregnancy and lactation, the medicine should not be used.

"Enerion" medication: reviews and analogues

Patients say the medicine has a goodeffectiveness. It is perfectly tolerated and relatively safe. People taking the medication note a significant improvement in mnestic functions and emotional background. Tablets "Enerion" differ originality and have no analogues in the world.

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