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The drug "Ovestin". Instructions for use

Prepart "Ovestin" is a medicine, it is widely enoughused in gynecological and obstetrical practice. The mechanism of action of the remedy is based on the properties of its main substance, estriol. This component is the female sex hormone of the estrogen group. The drug "Ovestin" is used most often locally (suppositories or cream). However, there is also a form for oral administration. The active substance of the drug is characterized by a short action, does not pass the metabolism in the liver. In this regard, during the treatment there are no systemic adverse reactions.

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The medicine "Ovestin". Indications for use

The medication is for women. The remedy is recommended for atrophy (dryness, developmental disorders) of mucous female genital organs. The "Ovestin" medication instructions for use allow for use in chronic type cystitis, incontinence of urine of different nature (in combination with other agents). The drug is prescribed in preparation for surgical interventions on the pelvic organs (in case of planning access through the vagina). The agent is used to diagnose pathological processes on the basis of mucosal atrophy with insufficient smear accuracy. The medicine is effective for eliminating painful sensations in sexual contact, if they are not provoked by diseases of the organs in the pelvis. During menopause, the "Ovestin" preparation is recommended for use in the prevention of inflammation. An agent is also prescribed for infertility associated with pathology in the epithelium of the cervix or obstruction.

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Do not use medicine for pathologiesvascular nature. In particular, do not prescribe a remedy for phlebotrombosis, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerotic lesions. The drug "Ovestin" instruction for use does not recommend for pathologies of the kidneys and liver, hypersensitivity to components, oncology. Contraindications include diabetes mellitus with vascular lesions, pregnancy, lactation. Do not prescribe medication to children and men.

The drug "Ovestin". Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

Against the background of local use,allergic manifestations: itching, soreness on the area of ​​application. Very rarely there may be a headache, a feeling of discomfort in the mammary glands, an increase in pressure.

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Application Scheme

Suppository or cream is inserted into the vaginaonce a day. For ease of use apply applicator. When a positive therapeutic result is obtained, the drug is used two to three times a week. When preparing for surgery, they start therapy two weeks before the intervention. The drug is prescribed after manipulation. In this case, use the drug two or three times a week. The duration of therapy is fourteen days. Tablets "Ovestin" appoint 2-8 pieces. daily. Gradually switch to supportive treatment - 2-3 times a week.

The drug "Ovestin". Instructions. Price

The cost in pharmacies is from 800 rubles (depending on the form of release of the medicine).

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