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Necessary information: what is cervical papilloma?

What is papilloma?

It is an infectious disease that is causedhuman papillomavirus (short for HPV). Currently, doctors distinguish several varieties of the virus, which manifest themselves in different ways - in the form of warts on the hands and feet and genital warts on the mucous genitalia. Infection in most cases occurs through sexual intercourse or simply through close physical contact. What is the danger of this disease? Of course, warts themselves are not dangerous (although they do not look particularly aesthetically pleasing), however, one should keep in mind that a papillomavirus infection can provoke the development of cancer. For example, papilloma of the uterus in women can lead to the formation of a malignant tumor.

Ways of infection

cervical papilloma

How can you pick up this disease? The most common method is unprotected sexual sexual contact. Therefore, all neoplasms caused by HPV are classified as sexually transmitted diseases. The virus can also go from mother to child. Cases of domestic infection are quite rare, but, nevertheless, are possible. To protect yourself, try to avoid accidental sexual intercourse. In the event that it does happen, be sure to use condoms. Particularly at risk of contracting HPV are people who often change their sexual partners, have concomitant venereal diseases and those who have weakened immunity.

Cervical papilloma in women

When the virus of the papilloma penetrates the bodywomen, it can cause the emergence of so-called genital warts (medical name - genital warts). In addition, the disease provokes erosion of the cervix. A particular danger is that this disease can be virtually asymptomatic; You can find it only when you visit a gynecologist.

What does papilloma in women look like?

papilloma of the uterus

The main and indubitable sign thatwomen HPV - genital warts. The incubation period for the virus is about three months, after which new growths begin to appear on the body. The main place of their dislocation, as a rule, is the small labia. Also, the skin around the anal canal, the oral cavity and the cervical canal can be affected. Condylomas look like warts with uneven edges. The most unfavorable variant is cervical papilloma in women, because in this case there is a risk of developing a malignant tumor.


what the papilloma looks like

To detect HPV in the early stages, inCurrently, several methods are used. First of all, this is a visual examination of the gynecologist - it allows you to find out how great is the papilloma of the cervix in women (and how long it has appeared). Secondly, it is a coloscopy - examination of the cervix with a kolokoscope. Thirdly, this is a biopsy (a procedure during which the doctor takes a piece of tissue for analysis).


Papilloma of the cervix in women is treatable. A specialist can offer you several options to choose from: electrocoagulation, laser therapy, exposure to high and low temperatures. The most effective method is laser. It is practically painless, does not leave traces and does not cause bleeding. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to undergo a complete examination.

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