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The medicine "Mlokhin". Reviews. Instructions

The drug "Mlekolin" includes in its compositionsugar granules and natural components of plant origin (stinging nettle, vitex sacred (avramovo tree), meadow chamber). This medication was developed for lactating women specifically, it can be recommended by a homeopathic doctor.

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The drug helps to increase and prolong the duration of lactation.

Melekine remedyconfirm) does not affect the health status of the baby, being safe for him. The nettle contained in the medicine has hemostatic, lactotropic effects. Vitex sacred has antibacterial effect. Meadow lumbago affects the reduction of myometrium. The "Mlekolin" (experts' feedback confirms this) stimulates the production of prolactin (responsible for the lactation of the hormone). This, in turn, contributes to the prolongation and intensification of lactation. In the period after delivery, the medication strengthens the contraction of the uterine muscles, shows a preventive effect, preventing mastitis.

Melekine. Application
mammological application

Medication recommended for late or earlyagalactia and hypogalactia (lack or insufficient amount of milk) in a lactating woman, to prevent mastitis, prolongation of the lactation period. The medicine can be prescribed to eliminate postpartum bleeding in the complex therapy.

Dosing regimen

The drug "Mlokhin" (the doctors' reviews point toit) should be taken sublingually. Five pellets are recommended for one meal. The medicine is placed under the tongue and kept until completely dissolved. To get the best therapeutic result, it is recommended to take the drug half an hour before meals. If necessary, the drug is consumed in the evening hours (according to the appointment of a specialist). Drug is drunk during the entire period of natural feeding. Therapy is administered immediately after birth, during the first two weeks.

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additional information

Subject to the recommended admission regimenmeans "Molekine" (reviews of specialists and patients indicate this), there is no overdose of the drug. The drug is sufficiently good (without clinically important consequences) to interact with other drugs without affecting their pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics negatively. As a contraindication, the manufacturer indicates an individual intolerance of plant and other components of the medication. In some cases, hypersensitivity may cause an allergic reaction during treatment. If there are any negative consequences, worsening of the condition or in the absence of a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to visit the doctor. In general, the drug "Molekine" (women's reviews confirm this) are tolerated satisfactorily. The drug does not affect the psychomotor reactions of patients.

Keep the medicine away from children. Do not use the medicine after the expiration date. Before use, you need a doctor's consultation.

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