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Papilloma on the eye. Causes of papilloma on the eyelid and methods of removal

On the skin of the eyelids, differentneoplasms. These can be as papillomas, senile warts, adipose, and keratoacanthomas, nevi, fibromas, adenomas of the sebaceous glands. To establish an accurate diagnosis, a specialist consultation is needed.

Required examinations

Papilloma on the eye
If you notice a build-up on the skin of the eyelids, then it's not worth ittry to get rid of the tumor independently. First you need to visit a dermatologist, go through all the research and only then, together with your doctor, choose the most appropriate tactics for further action. It will depend on what you have for the build-up. After the removal of papillomas on the eye is not carried out as, for example, angiomas or nevuses of Ota.

In addition to an external examination, the doctor maypassage of biomicroscopy, ophthalmoscopy, as well as to conduct visometry and perimetry. Also, if suspicious formations are detected in the century, the specialist will send you for the delivery of general urine and blood tests, and prescribe a study for the presence of syphilis and hepatitis. Also, if necessary, he can recommend visiting an oncologist.

Causes of appearance

Having found out in the doctor's office that you have papilloma oneye, do not rush to panic. It is better to understand the causes of its occurrence. So, these formations appear in people infected with a certain type of human papillomavirus (HPV). But these manifestations most often occur against the background of a decrease in immunity. Stress can also contribute to the activation of the virus.

How to remove papillomas
There is an opinion that papillomas are formed inplaces of damage to the skin, where there are microcracks and wounds. But neoplasms on the eyelids appear, as a rule, without pre-injury to the eye area.

Earlier it was thought that the papilloma on the eye isproblem of the elderly. But now young people are turning to dermatologists and cosmetologists. The specialists have a task - not only to determine the cause of the build-up appearance on the eyelid, but also to find out whether it is malignant.

Action Tactics

If you have a papilloma on the eyelid, thenthe first step in dealing with it is to turn to a specialist. Before consulting a doctor, it is advisable for women not to apply cosmetics to the affected area. Depending on the results of the examination, a dermatovenereologist, an oncologist or a cosmetologist may be engaged in treatment of the build-up on the eye.

Papilloma on the eyelid
The patient can choose how to remove the papillomas, but only from those options that the doctor will offer him. After all, only an expert knows how to treat certain formations.

So, for example, such popular ways to combatpapillomas such as electrocoagulation and cryodestruction, as a rule, are not recommended for use in the eye area, due to the fact that they affect a fairly large area. But do not worry, there are other methods how to remove papillomas. So, surgical excision or laser removal can be carried out.


Where to remove the papilloma

If you together with a doctor decided that it is betterTo address to the surgeon for removal of a built-up edge, it is possible to consult with him concerning a place where to remove a papilloma. Also, the doctor can tell you about the stages of this procedure. It is done under local anesthesia. After the introduction of anesthesia, the doctor checks whether the tissue has lost sensitivity. As soon as this happens, the surgeon cuts out the outgrowth with a scalpel. The sterile bandage is applied to the operated eye, which must be changed daily. During the week the patient should be shown regularly to the surgeon.

After the operation, the removed tissue can be sent for examination. With its help, you can determine whether the benign was a tumor or malignant.

Recovery period

To heal quickly and withoutcomplications, it is necessary after the operation to comply with all the recommendations of the surgeon. So, the wound formed in the place where there was papilloma on the eye, it is necessary to handle a weakly concentrated solution of potassium permanganate. To speed up healing, you can also use a variety of creams and ointments designed to tighten wounds.

Often, experts recommend that you follow a diet. To do this, it is necessary to exclude foods containing preservatives and colorants from the diet. Also prohibited is roasted food, smoked products, spices, fatty foods.

It is important to allocate at least 8 hours a day for a full sleep. It is recommended to avoid stress whenever possible and adhere to the regime of the day.

Do not forget that the operationimposes a number of restrictions. So, on the first day after the papilloma was removed under the eye or on the eyelid, you can not wet the indicated place with water or any other liquid. After the appearance of a crust, it can not be cleaned up on its own. Restrictions are imposed on the patient's exposure to the sun. It is impossible to stay under direct rays for a month after the operation.

Laser removal

The question of how to remove papillomas,located on the eyelids, is relevant for many. One of the progressive methods of getting rid of growths is the use of a laser. But it is important to remember that there are two types of laser beams. Some of them affect the fluid that is in the tissues of the neoplasms. But they are suitable for excision of large growths and leave behind scars.

Laser removal of papillomas
Laser removal of papillomas oneyes, is carried out with the help of special equipment that acts on the walls of the capillaries present in the growths. At the same time, the blood circulation inside them stops, and the tissues of the papillomas die. This method of laser removal is suitable for outgrowths on the face, including the eyes. After him, there is no scarring left.

The merits of the method include the absence of age limitations and contraindications.

Recovery after laser exposure

Papilloma under the eye
Despite all the advantages of advancedtechnologies, they also have a number of significant shortcomings. If you decide that your papilloma on the eyelid should be removed with a laser, then you should be prepared for the fact that this procedure is quite expensive. Another drawback is her soreness. Also, patients note that the recovery period is quite long.

But when carrying out laser excision of growthsthe patient does not lose his ability to work. After all, with such treatment, the vessels are sealed, so the wound formed does not bleed and does not cause visible discomfort.

Before deciding on a procedure,ask where to remove the papilloma with a laser in your city. Do not bother looking for reviews about your chosen clinics or beauty centers. Only in this way can you find the best place where you can quickly and efficiently carry out the procedure to remove tumors.

Peculiarities of the behavior of patients with papillomas on the eyelids

Removal of papillomas on the eye
Discovering the growths on his eyelids, not allhurry to a specialist. But to hope that the papilloma on the eye will pass by itself, without outside interference, is not worth it. It is also desirable to refrain from testing various national methods of combating these outgrowths.

Even if you are an ardent fanalternative medicine, it is still not necessary to look for non-standard ways of getting rid of growths on the centuries. After all, incorrectly chosen tactics can cause damage to the mucous eyes or lead to the growth of papillomas.

When you see any new growths, you need to take maximum care of your eyes. It is because of this that women should refrain from using cosmetics in the area of ​​papilloma growth.

In addition to all of the above, special attentionshould be given to improve immunity. To do this, it is important to switch to the right diet, if possible begin to temper. The doctor can prescribe a course of antiviral, as well as immunostimulating drugs.

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