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Fragrant honey: the harm and benefit of the product

Bee honey was known in the old days. It was added to the food to give the dish a special sweetness, into alcoholic drinks and even used as a real medicine for many ailments. Lime, floral, pade, buckwheat honey ... The benefits and harms of this amazing product are still being actively discussed not only among consumers, but also medical workers. After all, alternative treatment is not always recognized among doctors. However, it is impossible to deny the incredible benefits of honey to the body.

Honey Harm and Benefit

As for calorie content, then in 100 gramscontains approximately 309 kcal. Honey is extremely rich in carbohydrates. Their 100 grams contain not less than 81.5 grams. But you will not find fats here. Therefore, as a sweetness for tea, try to choose honey. Harm and benefit of this product are determined for each individual. Therefore, it can not be said that honey is a panacea for all ailments.

So, how is this delicacy useful? Honey has excellent bactericidal properties. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in diseases of the throat. It has a beneficial effect on the inflamed mucous membrane, while simultaneously destroying the bacteria. Acceleration of metabolism, stimulation of all functions of internal organs, increase tissue regeneration, increase immunity, prevent sclerosis and even stabilize sleep - this is an incomplete list of what can ordinary honey bee. The benefits and harms of such a product can be described on numerous pages of books. Although the positive sides clearly outweigh the negative.

Honey bee benefits and harm

Natural honey also contains a hugeamount of microelements. Virtually everything that only meets in nature. And in its composition, this product is similar to blood plasma. It is worth noting that only natural honey (the harm and benefit of it are described in detail in almost any book on alternative medicine) has all these wonderful properties. Artificial product they can not boast. Honey made from sugar or fruit juice, your body does not help. So carefully choose the sweetness before buying.

The highest quality is considered linden honey. The damage and benefit of such a product are described especially colorfully. However, contra-indications nectar, collected from linden flowers, practically does not. It strengthens blood vessels and heart, is considered an excellent laxative and expectorant. Mint honey, to

Buckwheat honey is good and bad
example, is a wonderful cholereticdrug. In addition, it eliminates pain of a different nature and soothes the nervous system. It is this type of honey recommended to use before going to bed with a little warm water. Do you want to cure diseases of the kidney and gastrointestinal tract? Then make it a rule to regularly eat chestnut honey. And remember that the product in the honeycomb is much more useful. Natural wax only strengthens all the properties of honey.

And what are the negative consequences ofeating this sweetness? The main contraindication is individual intolerance and allergy. Honey, the harm and benefit of which has been known at all times, can cause a rash, redness on the skin. Still there is a substandard product that can harm the body. If honey was collected from the flowers of poisonous plants, serious food poisoning can occur.

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