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The drug "Rimecor". Instructions for use

The drug "Rimecor" has antihypoxic,antianginal effect. The drug optimizes the function and metabolism of neurons and cardiomyocytes of the brain, directly affecting them. The drug helps maintain myocardial contractility, preventing a decrease in the level of intracellular ATP. Within the framework of acidosis, the activity of ionic membrane channels is stabilized, the accumulation of sodium and calcium in cardiomyocytes is prevented, and the content of potassium ions within the cells is normalized. The drug prevents the damaging effect of free radicals, ensures the integrity of the cell membranes, prevents activation in the ischemic zones of neutrophils. Against the background of angina there is a decrease in the frequency of seizures, the need for nitrates decreases. After two weeks of administration, resistance to physical stress increases, and pressure drops decrease.

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The drug improves hearing,results of vestibular samples in patients, reduces tinnitus and dizziness. At reception there is practically full and fast enough vsasyvaemost. The concentration reaches a maximum value in about two hours. The drug is excreted in the urine.

The drug "Rimecor". Indications for use

The drug is recommended for IHD. The medicine is prescribed to prevent attacks of angina pectoris (in combination with other drugs). Indications include chorioretinal disorders, dizziness of the vascular nature. The medicine "Rimecor" is recommended for use in cases of cochlear-vestibular disorders of the ischemic type: noise in the ears, auditory dysfunction.

rimecor instructions for use


Medication is not prescribed with a pronounceddysfunction of the liver and kidneys. The drug "Rimecor" instruction for use does not recommend appointing women during lactation, with intolerance of the components, during pregnancy.

Dosing regimen

Medication is prescribed during meals, inside. Usually recommend taking two to three tablets a day. Frequency of reception - 2-3 times. The duration of therapy with the medicine "Rimecor" (experts' reviews confirm this) should be set individually, taking into account the tolerability and nature of the pathology.

Side effects

rimecor indications for use

The medicine sometimes provokes a strong palpitation, vomiting, headaches. On the basis of therapy, probably the emergence of gastralgia, allergic manifestations (itching, burning of the skin, dryness, irritation).

The drug "Rimecor". Instructions for use. additional information

In practice there are no cases recordedoverdose. In this case, symptomatic treatment should be prescribed. The medicine "Rimecor" (instructions for use on this indicates) is not prescribed for the removal of an attack of angina pectoris. The drug does not affect the ability to concentrate attention, it is not noted and the effect on the intensity of psychomotor reactions. The drug is approved for use after consultation with the doctor.

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