/ Best analogue of Fenistila. Preparations for the treatment of allergies

The best analogue of "Fenistila". Preparations for the treatment of allergies

Today, millions suffer from allergies. Every year the number of such people grows. How to deal with intolerance to flowering plants, wool, dust? In this case, the drug "Fenistil" will help. This antihistamine drug is able to remove itching, rash, redness on the body, relieve allergic rhinitis. Therefore today we will talk about how to take Fenistil - the No. 1 medicine for allergies, in what forms it is produced, whether it can be administered to children. And we will find out what good analogues of this remedy are available, so that in the absence of it in the pharmacy you can get a replacement.

At what diagnoses can be appointed or nominated?

The drug "Fenistil" can be used in the treatment of diseases such as:

- Hives.

- Food or drug allergy.

Quitting Quincke.

- Hay fever.

- All-the-year-round common cold of allergic origin.

- Skin itch associated with such ailments, as measles, eczema, chickenpox, rubella, dermatitis. Also, itching can appear due to an insect bite.

Fenistil drops Instructions for use for children

In what forms is it produced? Structure of the preparation

The drug "Fenistil" from allergies is realized in three types:

  1. Gel (cream).
  2. Capsules.
  3. Drops.

One capsule contains 4 mg dimethindene, as well as starch, gelatin, lactose, silicone emulsion, titanium dioxide, glutamic acid.

In 1 gram of "Fenistil" gel there are: 1 mg dimethindema, and other elements - disodium edetate, purified water, sodium hydroxide, benzalkonium chloride, carbomer, propylene glycol.

In 1 ml solution contains such components: 1 mg dimethindene, additional components: benzoic acid, sodium saccharinate, propylene glycol.

Capsules are sold in blisters, 10 pieces each.

Gel is sold in aluminum tubes for 30 and 50 g.

The solution is sold in 20 ml vials.

Next, consider how to take "Fenistil" - an effective tool for children and adults. After all, the form of release of this drug is different, so the rules of application will differ.

Use of capsules

Only at the age of 12 can the drug "Fenistil" be used in this form. The dosage of capsules is 1 unit per day. The duration of therapy should not be more than 25 days.

The drug "Fenistil" -gel. Instructions for use

A tool in this release form canused by adults and children. However, newborns and children under the age of 3 are not recommended to apply the gel to large areas of the body, especially if there is inflammation. The agent should be applied a thin layer three times a day. The course of treatment for each patient is individual, the therapy should continue until all the symptoms of allergy disappear. "Fenistil" -gel, instruction on the use of which is understandable and simple, is applied only externally. If a person has very severe itching, and often there are rashes that affect most of the skin, then you need to combine the gel with the drops.

Fenistil gel instruction manual

Means "Fenistil" (drops). Instructions for use for children

The medication in this form is intended for ingestion with food or before eating. Drops are prescribed for both children and adults, but most often the remedy is used for babies:

- Children from 1 to 12 months - 10-30 drops per day.

- Boys and girls from 1 to 3 years - 30-45 drops per day.

- Children from 3 to 12 years - 45-60 drops per day.

Adults may be prescribed 60-120 dropsmeans "Fenistil". Drops (instructions for use for children are available in the package with medicine), babies can be added to a bottle of Vodka or compote.

Fenistil gel analogues

Side effects

The drug "Fenistil" is usually well tolerated. However, in some cases, the use of this drug may lead to the appearance of such undesirable reactions:

- Dizziness, drowsiness.

- Nausea, dry mouth.

- Problems with breathing.

- Muscle spasm, swelling.


If a person accidentally took Fenistilin a large number, then he may have problems such as tachycardia, agitation, ataxia, hallucinations, urination disorders, fever, lowering of blood pressure, collapse. In this case, you need to take urgent measures to eliminate the above symptoms of an overdose. For this, the patient should drink activated charcoal, a laxative, as well as medicines to maintain the normal functioning of the respiratory system and heart.

Popular replacement

A common analogue of "Fenistila", whichoften offer doctors, this is the drug "Zirtek". It is available in the form of tablets and drops for ingestion. Before many parents the question arises: "Which drug," Zirtek "or" Fenistil ", choose?" After all, doctors do not allocate a specific medication, do not give their preference to one or another remedy. But now we will deal with this issue.

So, if we talk about treating these drugschildren, it turns out that the drops of "Fenistil" can be given to babies from 1 month, while the preparation "Zirtek" in the same form of release can be taken to children only with half a year, but better in general from 1 year.

In addition, with pregnancy tablets "Zirtek"can not be taken, because no clinical trials have been conducted with respect to such a group of patients. At the same time, Fenistil capsules can be used to treat women who are in a situation, however, only under the supervision of a doctor. The drug "Zirtek" has an extensive list of side effects. At the same time, Fenistil is limited to only a few points of undesirable manifestations.

Clinico-pharmacological group of both drugs is the same: both medicines are antiallergic products, blockers of histamine H1-receptors.

zirtek or fenistil

Concerning the cost: drops "Fenistil" 20 ml can be purchased on average for 350 rubles. At the same time, Zirtek drops are sold at 300 rubles each, but this is a price for 10 ml. It turns out that if the dosage was in 20 ml, then the cost could be 600 rubles. And this is almost 2 times more expensive than drops of Fenistil.

Thus, on the basis of these comparativecharacteristics, it can be concluded that of the two drugs presented, preference should be given to the medicine to which the article is devoted. After all, it eventually has more advantages than Zirtek's medication.

Fenistil dosage

The best analogue of the gel "Fenistil"

The remedy in this form of release has manysimilar preparations. However, the best medicines are ointments such as Dermadrin and Ketocin. Though Fenistil is a gel, the analogues of which are different in composition, and it is considered one of the best in the fight against allergic manifestations on the skin, however, the above remedies can become a good substitute for it. So, both drugs, both Dermadrin and Ketocin, are antihistamine drugs of local action. They, as well as the drug "Fenistil" -gel, treat allergic, contact, atopic dermatitis, allergic reactions to insect bites, microbial eczema, dermatitis in children. True, the ointment "Ketocin" can be used to treat children, starting with 1 year, and the drug "Dermadrin" - in general from 2 years. While the gel "Fenistil" can be used from the age of 1 month.

fenistil from an allergy

Also, ointments "Dermadrin" and "Ketocin" can not beapply to pregnant women. But the gel "Fenistil" can be used by this group of patients, however, it should be done only under the supervision of a doctor. Ointment "Dermadrin" costs about 230 rubles for 20 g. The remedy "Ketocin" - about 200 rubles for 30 g. And "Fenistil" - gel, analogues which, incidentally, can be found without problems in the pharmacy, is sold for about 450 rubles, but it is over 50 g. It turns out that the described drugs are priced at about the same price level. The effect of all three drugs is almost the same. Therefore, if there is no "Fenistil" gel in the pharmacy, then it can be replaced with such ointments as "Dermadrin" or "Ketocin". However, you can do this only after consulting a doctor.

Sustained-release substitution drug

Fenistil 24 is the best analogue"Fenistila," a medicine that has an extensive list of indications. How are both medicines similar? The main active substance is dimethindene. The advantage of the capsules "Fenistil 24" is the duration of their effects. So, after taking 1 capsule of prolonged action, the maximum content of the active ingredient in the blood plasma is reached for 12 hours. At the same time, this figure for drops "Fenistil" is only 2 hours. The drug "Fenistil 24" is prescribed for such problems: allergic skin reactions, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, eczema, food or drug allergy. This analogue of "Fenistila" - a drug that is popular and advertised, can be purchased even without the consent of the doctor. After all, the active substance of both drugs is the same, the indications for use too. Therefore, for the treatment of adult patients, this drug can be used without problems.

Fenistyle analogue

Cheap substitute

Medication "Agistam" - inexpensive analogFenistila, medicines in capsules. Produced in the form of tablets for oral administration. The drug is prescribed for allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, itchy dermatosis, angioedema. It can also be used for allergic reactions to insect bites. The main active ingredient of medicament "Agistam" is loratadine, while the main component of the drug "Fenistil" is dimenindene. Use Agystam tablets for adults and children from 2 years in this dosage:

- Children from 2 to 12 years - half the pill once a day.

- Boys and girls from 12 years old, as well as adults, - 1 tablet 1 time per day.

The cost of the drug "Agistam" fluctuates within 30 rubles. And such a small amount you need to pay for 12 tablets.

Now you know everything about the medicine "Fenistil"dosage necessary for all categories of patients, admission rules, side effects, indications for use. We found out that this drug has many analogues. There are worthy medicines that provide good competition to the medicine, to which the article is devoted, and this is Fenistil 24 capsules. There is a cheap analogue of this drug, which is the agent "Agistam". Competition of gel "Fenistil" can make ointments "Dermadrin" and "Ketocin".

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