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The drug "Advantan" (ointment). Instructions

Medication "Advantan" isunhalogenized synthetic glucocorticosteroid agent used externally. The drug has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is able to reduce the manifestation of both objective (edema, erythema, lichenification, thickening of the skin), and subjective symptoms (itching, discomfort, irritation).

The drug is available in several forms, each of which has its own composition.

  • Oily ointment for external use. The main active substance is 0.1% methylprednisolone aceponate. Additional - liquid, as well as white soft paraffin, castor oil, wax (microcrystalline).
  • Ointment. The active ingredient is the same. Among the auxiliary - dehilmus E, white wax, soft paraffin, prepared water, low content of vaseline.
  • Emulsion intended for outdoor useuse. The active substance is methylprednisolone aceponate (0.1%). Auxiliary - glycerin, sovtizan, stearyl alcohol, triglycerides, alcohol (benzyl), prepared water.
  • Cream. The main active substance is 0.1% methylprednisolone aceponate. Additional - glycerin, glycerin monostearate, sovtizan, solid fat, water (prepared), benzyl alcohol.

The drug "Advantan" (ointment), the instruction informs, is shown to the application for getting rid of the following diseases:

- contact, atopic or allergic dermatitis, neurodermatitis (in these cases, cream, ointment, oily ointment is recommended);

- Dishydrotic, degenerative eczema (the above formulations of the drug are also used);

- solar dermatitis, seborrheic, true, microbial and acute eczema in children (emulsion is shown).

Ways of application.

Depending on the condition of the skinuse different forms of medicament. "Advantan" (oily ointment) is used if the skin is dry enough. If it is neither moist, nor dry, the best option is an ointment that is distinguished by a balanced ratio of fat and water in its composition. When wet skin lesions use a preparation in the form of a water-based cream with a low fat content. From sunburn eliminates the emulsion "Advantan".

Ointment, this instruction emphasizes, should not be applied to problem areas more often than once a day. The same applies to the emulsion.

The drug "Advantan" (ointment) for children should not be used for more than a month. For adults, the recommended course of therapy is twelve weeks.

Among the side effects are the following: redness of the skin, itching (most often), burning, the occurrence of vesicles (bubbles with clear or unclear content) in the use of the drug. In addition, side effects can occur in the form of striae, acne, skin atrophy. The most rare is excessive hair growth, dermatitis, folliculitis.

The drug "Advantan" (ointment), the instruction givesthis special attention has some contraindications: syphilis or tuberculosis of the skin, viral infections (herpes virus, for example), individual intolerance of any components of the drug.

During the gestation period of the fetus of the expectant mother,use this tool with extreme caution. It is not recommended to apply the medicine to large areas of the skin, and to avoid prolonged use of the medication.

It is noted that there was no evidence of interaction of the drug in question with other pharmaceutical agents.

Storage of the drug "Advantan" (ointment).

The instruction contains detailed information aboutconditions of drug storage. Ointment should be stored at a temperature not exceeding room temperature. The same applies to cream and emulsion. Greasy ointment should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Shelf life for ointments, creams and emulsions is three years, and for a fatty ointment - five years.

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