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Why can a fetus have blood in the feces?

Having seen a blood in a feces from a babe, many parentsbegin to literally panic, but do it in any case not worth it. The thing is that often inexperienced parents simply confuse bleeding with the most common change in stool to a more reddish shade. The latter, in turn, may appear for a number of reasons. The use of beets in the diet, the intake of certain groups of drugs, chocolate, confectionery gelatin - all this in some way contributes to the color change. In this article, we will consider the primary reasons why the baby has blood in the stool.

the baby has blood in the feces
Fracture of anus

According to experts, this problem more oftenall affect the change in the shade of the stool. As a rule, it arises from prolonged constipation. Parents in turn can easily identify signs of anal fissure - groaning during the defecation, a relatively painful grimace on the face, the presence of blood on toilet paper. Cope with this problem is very simple - you just need to revise the diet of crumbs.

Allergic reaction

This is another reason whyInfants in the feces, especially if he is on artificial feeding. The thing is that because of allergies the intestinal mucosa is gradually inflamed, and the vessels inside are beginning to burst and then bleed. In no case should not engage in so-called self-treatment, you need to seek help from an experienced specialist.

blood in the feces of infants
Lactose insufficiency

The so-called lactose deficiencyis considered one of the main reasons for the appearance of such a symptom as blood in the feces of an infant. Most often, it is accompanied by a number of other accompanying symptoms, namely, rash, anemia, a slow set of body weight and constipation.

Juvenile polyps

These are simple outgrowths in the cavity of the large intestine. According to experts, this phenomenon is absolutely safe and painless. However, it is still recommended to consult a doctor, because in some cases an operation is required to remove them.

Inversion of the intestine

Infants in the feces may appear in the fecesthis reason. Most often, it arises from the supply of exclusively artificial mixtures. With symptoms such as constant crying, refusal to eat, spotting, you should immediately consult a doctor.

blood in the feces of a baby

In conclusion, it should be noted that the blood inKale in the baby can appear due to a variety of reasons. Parents in this case, as already noted above, in no case should not panic. Even if the crumb requires hospitalization, they should remember absolutely all accompanying symptoms, because afterwards they will be useful to the doctor for the diagnosis and the appointment of competent treatment. In no case should you practice self-medication and give crumbs some medicines, because all this can lubricate the entire clinical picture.

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