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The drug "Lycopid". Testimonials, indications

Likopid refers to the pharmacotherapeutic group of immunostimulating drugs. The active substance is glucosaminylmuramyl dipeptide (GMDP). The preparation is produced in tablet form.

Biological activity of the drug "Lycopid"(instructions for use contain such information) is due to the presence of specific receptors (binding sites) that are localized in the endoplasma of T-lymphocytes and phagocytes. The medication is able to stimulate the functional (cytotoxic and bactericidal) activity of macrophages and neutrophils, enhance the proliferation of B and T lymphocytes, and enhance the synthesis of specific antibodies.

Likopid Medicationconfirm) reaches its maximum concentration after one and a half hours after administration. Excretion is performed unchanged mainly through the kidneys.

"Lycopid" (reviews of doctors and patients indicate this) is effective in complex treatment of conditions complicated by secondary immunodeficiency.

Adults prescribe tablets of 1 and 10 milligramswith chronic pulmonary infections, herpetic lesions (with ophthalmoherpes including), viral hepatitis C and B (in chronic form). Medication "Likopid" is prescribed for tuberculosis in the lungs, psoriasis (with arthropathic form including). The indications include papillomavirus infection, chronic and acute purulent-inflammatory pathologies of soft tissues or skin (including purulent-septic complications after surgical interventions).

The drug "Likopid" for children is prescribed forherpetic lesions of different locations, chronic lesions in the respiratory system (with exacerbation or remission). The indications include viral hepatitis B and C (chronic), purulent-inflammatory diseases of acute and chronic nature in soft tissues and on the skin. Children are prescribed 1 mg tablets.

The drug is contraindicated in case of exacerbationautoimmune thyroiditis, with diseases and conditions complicated by hyperthermia and fever. The drug "Likopid" (reviews of specialists are unambiguous at the same time) should not be prescribed during lactemia or pregnancy. Contraindication is also hypersensitivity.

The drug is used sublingually or orally on an empty stomach, before meals for thirty minutes.

As a prophylaxis of postoperative consequences, the drug "Lycopid" is taken 1 milligram per day sublingually (under the tongue). Duration of application - ten days.

In the treatment of purulent-septic lesions of mediumGravities on the skin and in soft tissues (postoperative including) are prescribed two milligrams under the tongue twice or thrice a day. Duration of application - ten days. With severe lesions, appoint ten milligrams a day. Duration of treatment - ten days.

With pulmonary infections of chronic course, the drug is recommended in a dose of 1-2 milligrams once a day, ten days.

With tuberculosis in the lung, the dosage is 10 milligrams once a day. Duration of treatment - ten days.

With herpetic infections in the lung formsprescribe two milligrams once or twice a day sublingually. Take the medicine should be within six days. In severe cases, herpes is prescribed ten milligrams (or two) times a day for six days. In the treatment of ophthalmic herpes, ten milligrams of oral administration is prescribed twice a day. Duration of treatment - three days. After a three-day break, the treatment is repeated.

When treating lesions in the cervix with papillomavirus, the drug "Likopid" is prescribed in a dosage of ten milligrams orally once a day. Duration of application - ten days.

These regimens are recommended for adults. Dosage for children is prescribed by a doctor.

In practice, cases of overdose are not described.

The drug "Lycopid" (patients' reviews areconfirm) has almost no side effects. At the beginning of therapy, there may be a brief slight increase in temperature, which is not the reason why the treatment should be stopped.

Before using the drug "Lycopid" you need to consult a doctor.

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