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How does thrush appear in infants?

Thrush in infants is for the presentThe moment is quite common disease, which manifests itself in the form of a cheesy plaque on the mucous membrane of the mouth. In this article, we will consider this affliction in as much detail as possible, and also tell you how to deal with it.

thrush in infants
Symptoms of thrush in an infant

As already noted above, this kind ofthe disease externally, in the first place, manifests itself in the form of a white coating on the internal cavity of the mouth, including cheeks and tongue. In small patients, there is no significant change in body temperature, however, on the other hand, their behavior changes dramatically. Thrush in infants provokes and, so to speak, a complete lack of appetite, because they simply do not enjoy the milk. The thing is that with a direct sucking a child, as a rule, feels discomfort, and even painful sensations.

Why does thrush appear in infants?

 thrush in an infant

According to experts, even if detectedthe primary symptoms of this disease, first, it is necessary to find out the true causes of its occurrence and only after that to start the therapy itself. Most often this kind of ailment takes place due to weakened immunity. In some cases, the cause lies in frequent regurgitation or in the treatment of antibiotics. It also happens that thrush in infants is due to the usual negligence of parents, when they wash the bottles, nipples and even children's toys. Remaining on the surface of the objects of microbes, of course, penetrate into the mouth of the baby, which subsequently leads to the problem described in this article.

Thrush in an infant. Treatment and useful recommendations

  • As a rule, for the most effective therapyspecialists prescribe antifungal drugs. Note that at the moment there are a lot of them, but not all fit your child. Therefore, use of such drugs is allowed only on the advice of a doctor.
  • The use of medications most oftenis not enough for a complete cure. A special role is assigned to the hygiene of the mother herself. The thing is that after each feeding, the breast should be washed and then wiped with a clean towel. Only so microbes will not accumulate. In case the baby is on artificial feeding, parents must clean and sterilize the nipples and bottles.

Recipes of our grandmothers

signs of thrush in an infant

Traditional medicine has its own methods for dealing withthis problem. Thrush in infants is well treated with the most common soda. It is necessary only to wind on the finger exclusively sterile bandage, and then dipped it for a while in a weak soda solution (a glass of boiled water - a teaspoon of the mixture). After this, you should gently "wipe" the mouth of the baby. In addition to soda, aloe juice and sea buckthorn oil also helps. Be healthy!

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