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To treat your teeth during pregnancy is safe!

Pregnancy is great news! However, she obliges the woman to plan her life clearly for a long time ahead, adjusting her to this delicate situation. A full-fledged healthy rest, tasty and nutritious food, positive emotions - all this will be a little later.

To treat teeth

First of all, you need to visit the dentist, so as not to suffer the question of how to treat the teeth, at a later date.

In fact, to treat teeth, or rather, to go for a prophylactic examination should be all, not just pregnant.
If you visit a dentist at least once every six months,the probability of neglected caries and other complications is significantly reduced. All problems are eliminated when they occur. But even if the teeth never caused trouble, during pregnancy they most likely will appear. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent this phenomenon.

A timely visit to the dentist will make pregnancy a little more pleasant. If the teeth are treated in time, neither the mother nor the baby will have any problems.

In a state of pregnancy in the body is disruptedexchange of calcium. The reserves of the mother's organism are sent to build the skeleton of the future baby. Therefore, it is so important to treat teeth in time, because in pregnancy, calcium deficiency can easily occur, which is completely

To treat teeth during pregnancy
will destroy unhealthy teeth. At the same time, they suffer from healthy teeth, but the risk of getting problems with them is much lower. Also, during pregnancy changes in the composition of saliva due to surgery of the salivary gland. The protective properties of saliva are lost. Against the background of a weakened immunity of a pregnant woman, this can lead to serious caries development. To treat a teeth it is necessary at the first displays of this disease, differently process will be aggravated extremely fast rates. Also, scientists found that 30% of pregnant women who had hidden infectious foci, infected the fetus and gave birth to children with reduced immunity, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and other diseases. Often, such diseases as gingivitis, pulpitis, problems with the gums. Therefore, it is important not only to treat the teeth, but also to monitor the condition of the gums. During pregnancy, a dentist needs to visit. The modern level of development of medicine allows to dispel all fears before applying anesthesia. Today there are means that do not penetrate the placental barrier and do not have any effect on the fetus. To treat teeth during pregnancy is safe, even if it is necessary to perform radiography.
Where it is better to treat teeth

Lead-free aprons of the new generation are reliableprotect the fetus from radiation, and the dose used today is ten times lower than that which can have any effect on a person. Before the baby X-rays will not reach anyway.

For all these reasons, do not be afraiddentists during pregnancy. Not cured in time the tooth can become a much greater danger to the baby than harmless anesthesia or radiography. Problems with teeth should not overshadow the happy period of preparation for motherhood. The main thing is to decide where it is better to treat the teeth. It is best to trust a proven professional, who can recommend to friends. Or ask for advice from your doctor. Surely he has a colleague-dentist who knows how to act in a delicate situation.

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