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Red pimples on the face of the newborn

Pimples on the face of a newborn can bea symptom of one of many childhood diseases, elemental sweating or food allergies. The rash can have various forms and be located not only on the face. Most of the pimples on the face of the newborn appear because their skin is very sensitive and tender. A child with a rash should definitely be shown to the doctor, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever or cough.

Pimples on the face of a newborn
Pimples on the face of a newborn can appearbecause of such a common disease as chicken pox. It usually occurs without complications. Chickenpox in the early days is accompanied by fever, body temperature sometimes reaches 40 degrees, the child is weakened. Red pimples on the face of the newborn, as well as on his body appear 2-3 days after the fever. They gradually form bubbles filled with a clear liquid that can not be squeezed or ripped out in any way. Chickenpox can be infected by airborne droplets, by contacting the sick person or through scratches.

Red pimples on the face of the newborn

Another viral disease transmittedsimilarly, for which pimples on the face of the newborn are also characteristic, - rubella. Infected children within seven days before and after the onset of the rash are active carriers of the virus. Nowadays, mandatory vaccination against rubella is carried out: the first - in 13-14 months, and the second - in 10 years. The rash first appears behind the ears and on the forehead, and then passes over to the chest and covers the entire body. Small red dots gradually connect and form a large reddened patch of skin. This occurs about 3 days after the discovery of the first pimples. Rubella is also accompanied by swollen glands in the back of the head, behind the ears and around the neck. Often there is a fever.

Pimples on the face of a newborn can becaused and such a rare disease these days, like scarlet fever. This disease is dangerous, especially since there is no effective vaccine against it. The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets or through contact with infected. Often the cause of scarlet fever is the usual sore throat caused by streptococcus. The first symptoms appear 15-25 days after infection. They can be sore throat, reddened tonsils, temperature (reaches 40 degrees), coated tongue (with white coating). Sometimes accompanied by headaches, stomach pain and vomiting. On the 2nd - 3rd day after the onset of fever, little red pimples the size of a pinhead appear on the baby's skin - the first characteristic symptom of scarlet fever. The rash resembles a velvet touch and can cause itching. Gradually the skin acquires a fiery red color. Antibiotics are used for treatment. A child needs to undergo a full course of treatment (usually within 10 days), even if in a week he already looks healthy. This is due to the fact that scarlet fever gives serious complications if it is not cured.

Pimples on the face: causes

Acne on the face, the causes of which canbe quite diverse, in any case should not be left without attention. After all, even a simple swab, if not cured in time, can cause serious inflammation of the skin and lead to the formation of pustules and wounds. Therefore, if there are any pimples on the face of the newborn or on his body, be sure to seek advice from the pediatrician. Only he can establish the exact cause of their occurrence and appoint the necessary treatment if necessary.

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