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Hip joint: pain, treatment, concomitant diseases

The cavity of the anonymous bone of the pelvis and the headThe femur is formed by the well-known hip joint, which is one of the most important in the body and carries a heavy load. Therefore, it is the damage that occurs most often.

Causes of defeat

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Causes of hip joint lesionsthere is a lot. This may be a trauma due to a fall or a severe injury, fracture. Why hurts the hip joint, which treatment is necessary? There are other reasons. So, there may be inflammation of the joints and tendons located near the pelvic bones. In addition, there are possible any infectious processes that can affect the hip joint. The pain, treatment and symptoms in this case will be determined by a specialist.

Hip joint: pain, treatment of congenital hip dislocation

It is more common in newborns. In this case, the acetabulum is underdeveloped. Dislocation in this case is formed due to the fact that the head goes beyond

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limits of the cavity, and the hip joint hurts. Treatment is necessary to conduct here necessarily. On how quickly it will be started, the outcome of the case depends. If it is found at an early stage, then it is possible to do with a wide swaddling of the child and physiotherapy exercises. However, later, surgical intervention and open dislocation of the dislocation may be necessary.

Hip Dysplasia

This disease, where the hip suffersjoint, pain, treatment and symptoms of which are sufficiently studied, manifests itself mainly in newborns. You can identify it at a very early age. In this case, the joint elements are placed at the wrong angle. This, in turn, provides its abnormal functionality. The treatment is the use of orthopedic appliances: wide swaddling, Pavlik's stirrups and others.

Fracture of the neck of the hip

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Worst of all, if this fracture occurs inelderly people, because for them it often ends up with a disability or a fatal outcome. The neck of the thigh very slowly heals, and during the fracture the blood supply of the femoral head can be disturbed, which often causes necrosis. In the case when the fracture does not coalesce for a long time, endoprosthetics are used.

Osteoporosis of the hip joint

Osteoporosis is a disease in whichThese bones gradually wash out calcium and phosphorus, which in turn reduces the density of the tissue. This disease has no symptoms, and it manifests itself only in fractures, as the bones coalesce more slowly, and the person experiences more discomfort at the same time. For treatment, doctors prescribe a special diet, prescribe vitamins and insist on performing special physical exercises.

Hip joint: pain, treatment and symptoms of concomitant diseases

There are many more diseases in which sufferingthe hip joint. At the same time, their treatment in many cases must take place immediately. It is worth immediately contacting the doctor if the pain is excruciating for several days, and a swelling appeared in the area of ​​the lesion. Also, if after a bruise or minor injury the pain does not pass, it is worth consulting with specialists. Since trauma in this area entails, as a rule, only undesirable consequences, it is worth paying great attention to the symptoms of various diseases associated with the hip joint. Often the pain in this area is triggered by bursitis, tuberculosis of the musculoskeletal system or other, no less dangerous diseases. Therefore, the correct diagnosis is important and the treatment started in time.

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