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What are the benefits of a red brush and hog uterus

The red brush grows only in the Altai Mountains. This unique plant has no analogues in the world. The main feature of it is that unlike most herbs with its help you can not only remove the symptoms of the disease, but also cure the root cause of its occurrence. For this valuable quality, the plant is very valued in the world. The spectrum of its action is wide enough.

red brush
Red brush indication for use

They use it for diseases of the heart, blood,atherosclerosis, cysts, uterine myomas, erosion, mastopathy, tumors, endometriosis, irregular and painful menstruation. The plant rejuvenates the body, heals wounds and fractures, removes slags, strengthens blood vessels. It is very effective to use tinctures for the treatment of diseases of female genital organs. With her help, many women have found the long-awaited happiness of motherhood.

Apply it not only for the treatment of femaleorganism. Men need to drink it when treating prostate adenoma. In addition, this drug quickly restores potency and gives you a new life. The red brush is especially useful for long-term illnesses, long-term medication, complicated injuries, weakened immunity.

Like any remedy used for treatment,the red brush has a number of contraindications. It can not be used together with hormonal preparations and at high pressure. If you have any questions, consult your doctor.

red brush boron uterus
Just like the red brush, the hog queen is widely used in gynecology. It is also called female grass. With the help of the hog queen you can regain your youth and a full life.

They use it to treat stomach disorders,nervous system, kidney and bladder diseases, prostate adenoma. But still more often with inflammatory gynecological diseases: severe patency of the fallopian tubes, spike, bleeding, infertility, menstrual irregularities, toxicosis of pregnant women.

red brush testimony
From the boron womb prepare water and alcoholtinctures. As a rule, it is mixed with other herbs. For example, for the treatment of colitis, gastritis, gout, hepatitis, radiculitis, rheumatism, inflammation of the prostate, urolithiasis.

The hog queen together with the hemlock,hellebore, wolf bark is used in the treatment of oncology, tumors of the uterus: cysts, fibroids, polyps, uterine fibroids. All these fees should be prescribed by the attending physician.

In order to clean the liver, you will come in handytincture of the hog queen and seeds of thistle. The latter enhances the effect of the tincture and contributes to the achievement of an early result. Among the contraindications to the boric uterus, only individual intolerance is noted.

The red brush and the harrow arepotent herbs. Before use, consult with your doctor. After passing the examination and passing the necessary tests, you will be assigned a course of treatment, where certain doses and the way of administration will be prescribed. Never do self-medication. Any, even the most good, medicine can do much harm if you do not follow the rules of use.

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