/ How to treat a cough in an infant?

How to treat a cough in an infant is right?

Cough may appear as a symptom of manydiseases, some of which are very dangerous. Because of the cough, a very small baby can vomit, a voice may disappear. This phenomenon always causes anxiety in the child, sleep disorders, worsening of the general condition.

How to treat a cough in an infant

In 90% of cases cough accompanies ARVI. Infection is localized in the respiratory tract, both in the upper and lower. Less often a cough accompanies ENT diseases: inflammation of the nose, sinuses, pharynx. Also adenoids can become its cause. In either of these cases, you need to know how to cure a cough in an infant. If the child has coughed unexpectedly, this may indicate that a foreign object has entered the respiratory tract. Coughing can actually be suffocating. This situation requires an immediate solution. Here knowledge will not help how to cure a cough in an infant. Call doctors immediately!

A kid can cough if he has a heart disease. And also because the air in the room is not clean enough, it's too dry. The real cause of the ailment can only be established by a doctor.

Than to treat a cough in a child 2 years old
He also will recommend how to cure a coughof an infant. It arises due to the fact that under the influence of damaging factors the mucosa becomes inflamed. The cells that secrete sputum increase in number and area, which they occupy. As a result, the mobility of the mucus is disturbed, its isolation becomes difficult. The body cleanses the bronchi with a cough. The body of a coughing child suffers from a lack of oxygen, and this disrupts metabolic processes. Immunological protection is reduced, which can cause a prolonged inflammatory process. Therefore, it is very important to know how to cure a cough in an infant. Especially dangerous is it, if it arose suddenly and does not stop, accompanied by wheezing. It is also dangerous if the child begins to cough at night, paroxysmally. In case the disease has spotting or sputum green, immediately go to the pediatrician. Any such ailment that lasts more than three weeks is dangerous.
Cough in 2 month old baby
Such a cough in a 2 month old child requiresimmediate examination and qualified medical care. Any treatment should appoint a doctor. Only a pediatrician can tell how to treat babies, than cough cure child 2 years old or schoolchild. Literate therapy should be prescribed at the first symptoms of the disease. A sick child needs rest, but not complete immobility. Movements help to clear the mucus of the airways. As a result, recovery may occur sooner. Grudnikkov should be carried on his hands and patted on the back. If you know how to do a massage, then it can become a very good tool. Special attention should be paid to the child's diet. In the absence of appetite, you should not insist on eating. You can limit yourself to jelly, milk, fruit puree. 2-3 days baby can eat not so much, as always. But it is necessary to drink a lot, because the liquid removes toxins, dilutes and removes phlegm.

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