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The drug "Skin Cap" (cream). Instructions for use

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The drug "Skin Cap" refers toClinico-pharmacological category of drugs that have antifungal, antibacterial and antiproliferative effect. The active substance is zinc pyrithione. Antifungal activity is particularly pronounced in relation to microorganisms that provoke inflammation and excessive exfoliation on the soil of skin pathologies. Zinc pyrithione lowers the intracellular concentration of ATP, contributing to the depolarization of cell membranes. As a result of activity, the death of bacteria and fungi occurs. On the background of external use, the active ingredient is deposited in the superficial layers of the dermis and epidermis. Systemic absorption is slow. Many people think that the cream "Skin Cap" is a hormonal drug. However, most experts claim that the tool is not.


"Skin Cap" (cream) medication is recommended for dry skin, seborrheic and atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis, eczema). The indications are also psoriasis.

Dosage regimen

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Skin Cap Cream (cream) instruction onuse only for outdoor use. Liniment is applied thinly to the affected areas. Frequency of use - twice a day. The duration of therapy for psoriasis is one to six months, with atopic dermatitis from three to four weeks.

Medication "Skin Cap" (cream). Instructions for use. Side effects

The medicine can provoke allergicskin reactions. As practice shows, the negative consequences in the form of irritation, rash and other manifestations are extremely rare and are caused by intolerance of the components. If any side effects occur, you should visit the doctor immediately.

The drug "Skin Cap" (cream). Instructions for use. Contraindications

It is not recommendedhypersensitivity to substances in its composition. In connection with the lack of the necessary data confirming the safety of the drug during lactation and during pregnancy, the drug is not prescribed during these periods. When appointing nursing patients, a specialist should decide on the issue of stopping feeding.

additional information

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In case of accidental ingress of liniment into the eye,rinse them with cold water in large quantities. If you accidentally penetrate the cream into the digestive system, you should rinse the stomach as soon as possible with the use of charcoal (activated). Saline purgatives are recommended. Further therapy is prescribed according to the symptoms. In practice, cases of the important (clinically) interaction of the drug with other medicines are not described. Keep the drug in the form of liniment is necessary away from children, the temperature of storage - from 4 to 20 degrees. The drug is allowed for use within three years from the date of manufacture. If the condition worsens or there is no result from therapy, you should stop using the medication and visit a specialist.

The medicine "Skin Cap" (cream). Instructions. Price

The cost of medicine in pharmacies is from 600 rubles.

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