/ / "Pyracetam" or "Nootropil" - which is better? What is the difference between "Nootropil" and "Piracetam"?

"Piracetam" or "Nootropil" - which is better? What is the difference between "Nootropil" and "Piracetam"?

All medicines that provideinfluence on metabolic processes in the brain, are called nootropics. Of the variety of drugs can be identified such as "Piracetam", "Nootropilum" and "Lucetam."

These drugs contain the same active substance. Therefore, it is a bit wrong to say that it is better - "Piracetam", or "Nootropilum", or "Lucetsam".

However, these drugs, despite the samecomposition, are manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies, which may affect the degree of purification of components or the quality of the drug as a whole.


Pharmacological action of drugs that contain pyracetam as the main component is based on the effect of this element on the central nervous system.

nootropil or pyracetam that is better reviews

Indications for use are quite numerous, however, we can focus on the main diseases in which it is necessary to assign nootropics.

First of all, it concerns neurology:

- Vascular disorders of the brain;

- cerebrovascular insufficiency, manifested in violations of attention and memory, headaches and dizziness;

- circulatory disorders;

- states after brain intoxication;

- Decrease in cognitive functions, including Alzheimer's disease.

In psychiatry, also apply "Piracetam" or "Nootropil". Which is better, the doctor decides in each case, although, as already said, the drugs differ only by the manufacturer.

piracetam or nootropil feedback


- Depressive syndrome, in which there is an intolerance of neuroleptics;

- Sluggish states - schizophrenia or psycho-organic syndrome, as well as inhibited states.

In narcology for acute poisoning with substancesprescribe any nootropic drug in combination with other drugs. Which is better - "Piracetam", or "Nootropilum", or "Lucetsam"? What is best for the patient is determined based on the condition:

- An abstinent morphine or alcoholic syndrome;

- Poisoning or overdose with morphine, barbiturates, ethanol and other substances;

- chronic alcoholism with persistent impairment of mental activity.

In addition, "Piracetam" (or "Nootropil") is used to treat children with the following diseases and conditions:

- consequences of perinatal brain damage;

- retardation of psycho-speech development (CRDD);

- oligophrenia, cerebral palsy.

The standard effect is to change the propagation velocity of impulses in the brain, improve metabolic processes, and interact between hemispheres.

In addition, with organic brain lesions inthe time of various acquired diseases or disorders that occurred during the period of prenatal development of the fetus, as well as during childbirth, preparations of the nootropic group, both in tablets and in ampoules, have a restoring effect.

that it is better piracetam or nootropil or lucetam which is better

In the event that minor violationsmemory and attention, as well as other cognitive functions have occurred for other reasons, people start taking the medications themselves, adhering to the instructions.

"Pyracetam" or "Nootropil": reviews

The use of any medication withoutthe appointment of a doctor is undesirable, and in some cases dangerous. However, despite this, many not only take nootropics to improve memory and speed up learning or for preventive purposes, but also put on themselves experiments.

Reviews about this drug from consumers are different, which is related to the characteristics of the body. Also, differences can be related to suggestibility.

Use of the drug "formemory "usually does not give a quick and persistent positive effect. In this case, those who took nootropics as an experiment, note that the use of funds is much less than harm. Thus, the manifestation of side effects occurs earlier than improvements, if taken independently by Lucetam, Nootropilum or Piracetam.

What's better: reviews and research

According to world statistics and reviewsspecialists, these drugs of the nootropic group show poor efficacy in the treatment of post-stroke and dementia (acquired dementia), and in some cases no improvement at all.

To date, in America, "Piracetam"excluded from the list of medicines. This drug is equated with biologically active additives, since its therapeutic effect is not so pronounced that it could be used as a basic.

nootropil or piracetam which is better

In Russia,use of the drug for children with Down's syndrome has also been shown to have no effect on cognitive function. Therefore, there is no longer a question with regard to such means as "Piracetam" or "Nootropil". Which is better of these drugs, in this case it does not matter.


With regard to any medication, always pay attention to contraindications. They are both absolute and relative.

Do not use nootropic drugs whenpregnancy and breastfeeding. Also absolutely contraindicated is their use in hemorrhagic stroke and in the case of the final stage of renal failure.

In the event that the pregnant or lactatinga woman needs to take a medicine, compare the possible benefits and harm to the child, which can bring "Nootropil" or "Pyracetam." What's better? In this case, the name of the drug does not matter, since the main active substance of the above agents is the same.

pyracetam or nootropil

It is impossible to use "Piracetam" and its derivatives in children under 12 months of age and in people whose sensitivity to the components of the drug is increased.

Negative effects on the central nervous system

Side effects occur only in 3% of cases. In most patients, they are either very weakly expressed, or there is no pronounced effect from the drug.

The central nervous system can respond to taking drugs from the nootropic group as follows:

- exacerbation of epilepsy;

- drowsiness and depression;

- In some cases, headaches and dizziness may occur, sexuality increases.

Other side effects

Very rarely there is an increase in body weight due to metabolic disorders when using nootropics. In rare cases, gastrointestinal tract may experience nausea, diarrhea, or stomach pain.

If these side effects occur,the question: "Piracetam" or "Nootropil" - what is better to use? "Since the active substance in these medicines is the same, the side effects do not differ either.

Combination of drugs

Often when you take any medicine, youThe need to use one or more drugs according to the doctor's indications. With the simultaneous use of nootropics and drugs used in diseases of the thyroid gland, sleep disturbances and irritability are possible.

In addition, there are data on the increaseeffectiveness of the agent for the treatment of thrombophlebitis with simultaneous reception with nootropics. When deciding whether to take medications such as "Nootropil" or "Pyracetam" (which is better, in each case, the doctor decides), parallel means should be taken into account.

Who lets out?

The only difference between the described drugs is that they are released by different manufacturers, as noted earlier.

The drug "Lucetsam" is produced by the company "Aegis" (Hungary). In Russian pharmacies, the drug is sold in different forms:

- 5 ml ampoule (№ 10) - about 280 rubles;

- tablets 800 mg (№ 30) - about 80 rubles.

that it is better piracetam or nootropil or lucetam

Piracetam is produced by Russian producers Marbiopharm (Republic of Mari El) and Vertex (St. Petersburg). It can be purchased in the following forms:

- 5 ml ampoules (№ 10) - 38 rubles;

- tablets 200 mg (№ 60) - 27 rubles;

- capsules 400 mg (№ 20) - 28 rubles.

"Nootropil" is a medicinal product manufactured by "USB Pharma" (Belgium). In pharmacies is implemented as:

- 5 ml ampoule (№ 12) - 377 rubles;

- tablets 800 mg (№ 30) - 295 rubles.

The prices are approximate and may vary dependingfrom the region or even a pharmacy. Nootropics are dispensed without a prescription, but there is evidence that a prescription is needed to purchase these funds in the Republic of Belarus.

piracetam or nootropil which is better

As you can see, domestic tablets andampoules are several times cheaper than imported medicines. "Pyracetam" or "Nootropil" - what is better with such a difference in price? This question should be answered by the patient himself, if necessary. It all depends on how much he trusts the Russian manufacturer and is ready to be treated by domestic drugs.


Medicines are needed for treatmentdiseases. It is necessary to know those people who are used to stimulating themselves with various drugs. In the case of natural forgetfulness or the onset of a period when you need to quickly remember everything and learn (especially if it is a huge amount of material), it is better to gradually develop the brain and teach everything in time.

If we are talking about a state in which we needspecial means, then you can ask yourself: "Nootropil" or "Pyracetam" - which is better? "In doing so, use drugs under the supervision of a doctor and in complex therapy.

I would like to note that the recommendations and feedback,These are not the advice of a doctor. Information is provided only for the purpose of familiarization and can not be used as a clear guide to action.

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