/ / Ringworm in humans is a disease requiring compulsory treatment.

Ringworm in humans is a disease that requires compulsory treatment.

The word "lichen" in the ancient world denoted anyskin diseases. Ringworm in humans, according to medical terminology - microsporia or trichophytosis, is one of the types of fungal diseases. It is an infectious disease that is transmitted from infected animals to humans. And the skin spreads during washing with a washcloth. The use of common toiletries also facilitates the transfer of it from person to person.

Ringworm from a man manifests itself not immediately,The incubation period of the disease is about six days, and sometimes even more. Sometimes on a small red speck, similar to a bite of an insect, which has arisen on the skin, no one initially even pays attention. But after a certain time, others appear, which take the form of concentric circles with a yellowish middle, covered with crusts or scales. This is ringworm, its symptoms are quite recognizable.

This disease is contact and very contagious,so even with the slightest suspicion of the emergence of microsporia, family members should strictly follow the hygienic household rules for the use of various toiletries and bedding.

Very often, ringworma person with impaired immunity or in people who are exposed to stress and depressive conditions. It is noticed that, sometimes the hereditary predisposition is contributing to the onset of the disease. Stains can appear on any part of the body. In itself, this disease does not pass, but it progresses very quickly, so it must be treated. To do this, you need to contact a specialized doctor - a mycologist. Since it is not difficult to diagnose ringworm in humans, it is only necessary to make a laboratory analysis of the scraping, which will take less than an hour, you can start treatment almost immediately. Usually, various ointments containing sulfur are used for this. They are prepared by specialized pharmacies under the order according to the doctor's prescription. You can use ready-made ointments, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. For example, the ointment "Lorinden D" can be bought without a doctor's prescription. Treatment of the disease is uncomplicated, usually recovery occurs within a week. An exception is ringworm on the head.

Children more often than adults are struck by the shearinglichen. Symptoms of it - a small reddish rash, gradually turning into pinkish spots of large size, merging with each other. Almost immediately there is a strong itch. Ringworm in children occurs when contact with animals and close communication with each other, for example, in a kindergarten or school. Symptoms are the same as in adults. However, more often than in adults, ringworm in children occurs on the head. This is a severe case of manifestation of the disease, and it requires a longer complex treatment.

To assert that microsporia is curedfinally, it is possible only when carrying out laboratory tests. They must be done three times with a five-day break after the disappearance of the external signs of the disease.
Ringworm from a person is treated andvarious folk methods. The most well-known method is the smearing of spots with an alcohol solution of iodine. This is a fairly radical method, since it is based on the property of iodine to burn fungi and spores on the human body. Remember that you should not bandage the stains or glue them with adhesive tape. Microsporia does not like sun rays, their effect on the fungus is disastrous. In addition to iodine, folk medicine recommends the treatment of ringworm with apple cider vinegar. To do this several times a day you need to apply a spot to the spots, moistened with it.

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