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What are the symptoms and treatment of pharyngitis

There are several types of pharyngitis: it can be bacterial, viral, traumatic, fungal or allergic. By the nature of the course of the disease distinguish subacute, acute and chronic types. Depending on the type and severity of the disease, treatment will differ.

If you feel a pang or a sore throat,which are accompanied by a desire to clear your throat, it is better to see a doctor. These are the first signs of ailment. Of course, the symptoms and treatment of pharyngitis will also depend on the type of disease. For example, the acute stage may be accompanied by malaise, fever, weakness. Often the disease is accompanied by a common cold. In this case, in addition to basic medicines, the therapist should prescribe also those drugs that will eliminate the concomitant signs of the disease.

But the symptoms and treatment of pharyngitis, whichpassed into a chronic form, will differ from the acute stage. It is accompanied by a sore throat, sometimes a patient may be bothered by a dry cough. This causes a lot of inconvenience, up to the disturbance of sleep. In this case, the patient does not deteriorate the general condition, which is typical for acute forms. The cause of the emergence of a chronic form will not necessarily be viruses or bacteria - this can be a manifestation of GIT diseases.

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If the patient shows atrophicdry mucosa, which is covered with a viscous secret, it is most likely one of the forms of the chronic course of the disease - dry pharyngitis. Its treatment is aimed not only at strengthening immunity, but also at eliminating all the irritating factors. These include dust, smoking, dry air. It is also important to ensure that the patient breathes a nose, not a mouth.

A physician should prescribe medication that cures illnessand procedures, paying special attention to the symptoms. And the treatment of pharyngitis in the first place should be aimed at eliminating pain and discomfort in the throat. Great value is given to physiotherapy procedures. For example, warming compresses, rinsings with a disinfectant solution, inhalations with alkaline water or medicines are often prescribed, resorption of tablets and candies with antibacterial action and antiseptics in the composition. In addition, the doctor will recommend using immunostimulating and restorative drugs.

What kind of medicines will be prescribed?means, depends on what source of the disease, like pharyngitis. Treatment, reviews about which are diverse (someone has exhausted the disease, and someone has gone through easily, without consequences), must take into account the nature of the onset of the disease. Confirmed bacterial infection, for example, is treated with antibiotics (but they can be prescribed for a traumatic form of the disease for prophylaxis), fungal infection by special antifungal agents, viral - by appropriate preparations.

Dry pharyngitis treatment

Many, knowing what are the symptoms and treatmentpharyngitis, how complex therapy is conducted, use only folk remedies. Given that such a medicine with this disease has a good therapeutic effect, doctors often appoint them themselves. These include the same inhalation of herbs, gargling, and warming up. But the tablets are replaced by honey, lemon and tincture of echinacea.

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