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How to get a free land from the state for construction?

After 1991, a new stage in Russia begandevelopment of land relations. At the same time, another institution of private property appeared. However, over a fairly long period of land turnover in the country remained low. Of course, there were explanations. The fault was the transitional period of the last land reform. Which ended in the early 2000's. Since then, of course, there have been many changes. And most importantly - what is now the question about how to get free land from the government, you can find a real, understandable answer. And this should be told in more detail.

how to receive free land from the state

Turning to the law

Civilized turnover of sites intendedfor the construction of private real estate, is regulated by the so-called Land Code. In the legislative act, there were some changes after his editorial, held two years ago. Starting from March 1, 2015, an updated version of the LC RF is in force.

In connection with the adopted changes from the momentthere is another procedure for obtaining by citizens of Russia sites for the construction of private real estate. It is important to note the fact that land is provided from municipal or state property. Accordingly, the process of its design is complex. Before getting a land plot free from the state, a person will have to collect a large package of documents and wait for a positive decision taken by the authorized body.

Before proceeding to the details, I would like tosay that, within the framework of the development of the norms of the Land Code in 2015, it was decided to approve two programs to provide citizens of the Russian Federation with plots. The first is to issue them for IZhS in the Crimea. And the second - in the allocation of a hectare of land in the Far East. All for free, but not without "features." However, this is another topic.

how to get land for free from the state

Employees of municipalities

So, now you can talk directly abouthow to get a free land plot from the state. The first category of people who are given this opportunity are citizens who work in the main place of work in the municipality. The list of posts that fall under this article of the LC RF is not registered. However, it is known that experts are the ones most in demand in sparsely populated areas (teachers, doctors, etc.). Why so? Because the purpose of these innovations - in attracting missing professionals of certain areas in the notorious municipalities.

The bottom line is that citizens are provided witha land plot for free use for five years. After the expiration of this period, this shall be transferred to their legal ownership. This is stated in the fifth paragraph of Article 39.5 of the Land Code. Throughout all six years a person can use the site according to its purpose. That is, build on it an individual building.

 how to get a land plot for building free of charge

For large families

This is another category of citizens interested inin how to receive free land from the state. People who have at least three children, he can be provided if the conditions for obtaining it are established. This is written in the 6th paragraph of Article 39.5 of the RF LC.

How to receive free land from the state for freethis program? It is necessary that the couple be officially registered (necessarily a marriage certificate) and had three children as a minimum. Adopted too are considered. Single parents can also take advantage of the program.

An important condition: all family members must have a residence permit in one apartment (house) and have Russian citizenship. Also, they should not have any real estate on our territory. If the relevant authorities decide that people have the right to receive a free site, then its shares will be distributed among all members of the family.

how to get free land from the state of Russia

Other cases

Telling how to get land for free fromstate, one can not fail to note the fact that not only citizens who work in municipalities and large families can count on the site. They are provided to the Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation, to the Heroes of the Soviet Union, as well as to the full cavaliers of the Order of Labor Glory. Their right to receive free land is regulated by a separate law, which states that the granting of plots to citizens of these categories does not contradict the norms prescribed in the RF LC.

It is important to know

Studying the topic of how freeget a plot of land for building, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it can be granted only once in a lifetime. And its maximum size is 15 hectare (0.15 hectares).

Also legislation introduces additionalthe conditions that want to receive a plot must comply. Large families, for example, should be registered as needy to improve their housing conditions. Or have a reason to stand up for it. Still often families with many children are offered to improve their housing conditions. This is not in addition to the site, but an alternative. Instead of land for building a house - major repairs, for example, or expansion of living space. But this alternative is provided only if the citizens themselves agree to it. Without their approval, no one will "replace" them.


On how to get a free land plotfrom the state of the Russian Federation, in the Code it is written very generalized. The law refers to regional regulations and other specifics. But still there is a certain order. Although the exact list of documents needed to obtain the right to the site, will have to specify in the region of their residence.

how to get free land from the state to a young family

The first step is to make a statement,the form of which can be found in free access, and go with it to the local government. There, a person will be put on line to receive a free land plot in his personal property. And then you have to collect the documents.

How to get a free land plot inMoscow or in any municipality? First, it will be necessary to produce documents that could confirm the use of the land by the person for its purpose. Secondly, you need a contract concluded by a citizen with the municipality. This paper is an official confirmation that a person has the right to receive a site for free use. And thirdly, you need a certificate from your place of work. It should indicate the position and period during which a person worked at a particular enterprise.

What should I give to other citizens?

Now we should return to the topic,how to get free land from the state to a young family. You will need passports and birth certificates for children, proof of residence permit, and papers proving that people do not have their own property. In addition, a certificate from the guardianship and trusteeship agencies will be required. It will confirm that the spouses are full members of society who have not been deprived of parental rights. And if a person alone brings up his children, he will need to present a document in which this status is officially indicated.

 how to get a free land plot in the Moscow region

And how to get a free land plot inRussia to people who do not belong either to large families or to citizens of municipalities? Well, they will need to produce a document that would confirm a special status in society.

But this, of course, is not the final list. By decision of the authorities of certain subjects of the Russian Federation, it can be expanded. And when a person presents the required package of documents, a decision will be made to provide him with a site. If it turns out to be positive, the citizen is handed an official certificate, which in the future is a confirmation of his right to receive land for building.

Cases of failure

Unfortunately, positive decisions are not madeas often as we would like. But if the authorities refuse a person to issue a certificate for a free site, they should justify this. And at the same time refer to the current legislation. If a person feels that the refusal is not justified, then he can exercise his right of appeal. This happens in court. But, before appealing, it is necessary to go deeper into the study of the reason for the refusal. Maybe, really people forgot to provide these or other documents. Having identified the problem, he can correct his mistake. He will only need to replenish the package of documents with missing securities and re-apply.

how to get a free land in Russia


Perhaps, the most tiring stage. How many will have to wait, worries all people who are interested in how to get a free land plot in the Moscow region or any other region.

So if a person's petition is approved, then hisput in line. Wait for a long time - not one, not two, not three months. A site can provide in a locality located far from the region of residence of a citizen.

To date, this is all information knownconcerning the given topic. True, there is another good advice. People who wish to get a free site are advised to apply to the Land Committee and get a consultation there regarding the collection of documents. This will help to save nerves, time, money, as well as avoid hikes in various instances.

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