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A traffic light with an additional section: the rules of travel, special features

Not all points of traffic rules are equally understandable to beginnerthe driver. A lot of difficulty is caused by the rules for the passage of intersections with an additional section of the traffic light. We will analyze them both in general and on specific examples.

Traffic light with additional section

Traffic lights with additional sections are necessarydistinguish from traffic lights directions. Arrows on the last indicate a ban, permission to move on a certain band or group of bands. Each arrow is only responsible for moving along its "own" band. An additional section at the traffic light is responsible for turning from the main lane to the right or left. Such traffic lights are needed to unload busy intersections: they prompt the driver when he can move on. Experienced car owners such a device is an excellent helper.

traffic light with an additional section of the rule of travel

The rules of travel depend on the combinationburned sections. We have a traffic light with round signal windows. At the green signal level, such a device has one or two additional sections.

We are interested in three situations:

  1. The additional window is disabled.
  2. An additional window is lit together with a green traffic light signal.
  3. An additional window is lit together with a red prohibition signal.

From the rules of the SDA

Consider the important for us in this situation the rules of traffic rules:

  • The arrows of red, yellow, green are equivalent to the corresponding round sections. Only they are responsible for the movement along the directions indicated on them.
  • The arrow showing the turn to the left allows you to make a u-turn if it is not prohibited by a specific situation.
  • If the green arrow is lit together with the red or yellow main signal, then when cornering, you must give way to the vehicle moving in the priority of the vehicle.
  • If the tram moves to the traffic-enabling signal arrow, when the main section is lit in red or yellow, it must also give way to other traffic participants.

Additional section prohibits movement

Let's start to consider the rules of travel to the traffic light with an additional section.

rules for the passage of intersections with an additional section of traffic lights

If the side window does not light up or lights upred, then the movement in the direction indicated by the arrow indicated on it is prohibited! In this case, it does not matter what color the main board is on, and also in which direction the additional section shows. If it is off, then this is a sign that prohibits movement.

Additional green arrow and green signal

Here we have two things:

  • A traffic light with one side arrow - right or left.
  • A traffic light with two side arrows - both right and left.

additional section of traffic rules

The right arrow is responsible for turning to the right, left, respectively, to the left.

Situations in which the rules are not completely clearPassage of a traffic light with an additional section to the right or to the left, also two. They depend on the possibility of turning both sides. Let's look at each in more detail:

  • Right additional arrow and basic green signal. You are allowed to turn right. The road in this case should be ceded only to pedestrians who are moving along the carriageway to which you are going to leave. But since the traffic lights for pedestrians and drivers are coordinated, it is likely that they will be lit by a prohibiting red light during your movement.
  • Left additional arrow and the main inhibitory signal of red color. We will now discuss the rules for the passage of a traffic light withadditional section to the left. In this situation, you are allowed a left turn. Obstacles on the road should not be, you do not need to give way. In our state with right-hand traffic, the left side will be more unloading. Other participants in traffic rules do not have the right to go in the direction of your turn. But at the same time remember about the exception - if the "counter" will move the TS directly or to the right, you must give way to it.

Additional green arrow and red signal

If you see a burning greenan additional arrow to the right or left, but with the red traffic light, it means one thing: you can make a turn in the specified control, but at the same time giving way to the participants of the movement, following in other directions.

According to the traffic rules, the rules for the passage of an additional section of the traffic light are as follows:

  • Give way (do not interfere with the movement). This means that you do not have to start, continue, or resume traffic if this requires the drivers of other vehicles to slow down or change the direction of their journey. In other words, if as a result of your maneuver someone was forced to slow down, change the trajectory of the movement of your car, then you violated the SDA.
  • The rules do not stipulate when approaching fromspecifically transport, you must provide a free path - oncoming right, left, from the oncoming lane. Therefore, the green supplementary section and the red signal are most easily regarded as a sign "Give way" (2.4).

traffic rules with an additional section to the left

This situation is regulated by clause 13.5 of the SDA.

The combination of a green supplementary section andThe main red signal shows you only the possibility of moving in this direction. The priority right to travel here is not you, but the driver, in front of which two green signals are burning - an additional and the main one.

A traffic light with an additional section: the rules of travel straight

Straight to move, seeing in front of a traffic light with additional arrows, it is possible:

  • If the main green traffic light is on.
  • If the main green light is on and an additional arrow lights up along with it.

traffic light with additional section to the right

In the case where the main signal is red prohibitory, and the arrow glows green, you can not naturally move. These are simple rules of travel directly to the traffic light with an additional section.

Additional section without drawing an arrow

Rules for driving to a traffic light with an additionalsection does not always describe the following situation: on the operating device side windows are installed, but the arrows on them do not shine. What to do in this case?

So, you approach the intersection, light upthe main green light, and the side section at this time is inactive (i.e., neither red nor green lights). In this case, you simply calmly perform the necessary maneuver.

Traffic police errors

Many newcomers, drivers, thoroughly unfamiliar with the rules of travel to the traffic light with an additional section, are victims of unscrupulous road inspectors.

The typical situation is as follows: At the intersection there is a traffic light with an additional section. But the window is "wrong" - it also glows red and green, but it does not have a contour arrow indicating which direction the movement is allowed. The driver, seeing that the main light is green, decides that now a turn is possible, and is in a hurry to make a maneuver, not paying attention to the incomprehensible additional window. At this point, it is stopped by road service inspectors.

traffic lights with additional section directly

The charge is as follows: travel to the prohibiting traffic signal. But at this point the traffic policeman will be wrong - ask for a protocol. Since only traffic lights with an additional section with a contour arrow pointing to which direction at the intersection is prohibited or permitted are mandatory for the driver. "Wrong" sections, burning solid light, he does not have to guess.

Traffic lights with green arrow

In continuation of the topic, we can not but considerOne type of traffic lights, which appeared recently. This is a conventional tricolor device, where a plate with a graphically depicted green arrow is affixed at the level of the prohibiting red section. This innovation is regulated by paragraph 20.1 and paragraph 58.4 of the SDA.

 traffic light with an additional section directly travel rules directly

Let's consider them in more detail:

  • At the red signal level, the sign with the green arrow to the right. In this case, you need to stop the caron the prohibiting red signal. Then you are allowed, after making sure of the safety of the maneuver, gently continue the movement in the direction of the arrow. It is possible to move at this only from the rightmost band, without creating obstacles for other vehicles, whose movement in this case is in priority. Skip before the maneuver of all pedestrians going to the authorization signal.
  • At the red signal level, the sign with the green arrow to the left (one way). Also, you should stop the vehicle before turning on the red signal, and then, observing the precautionary measures, it is possible to maneuver to the left. Movement is possible only after stopping and only from the leftmost band. Before a maneuver it is necessary to skip pedestrians and other vehicles, whose traffic is now in priority.

Here we have disassembled all the features and nuancestraffic to traffic lights with additional sections. Such devices do not complicate, but on the contrary facilitate movement, only at first causing confusion in the head of the driver.

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