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How to fill out a form for a new passport without a mistake

If your plans include crossing the border(whether it is vacation abroad or foreign travel), you need to take care of obtaining a special document in advance. The process is conjugated with the filling of forms approved by the Federal Migration Service. And then there are some difficulties. Let's figure out how to fill out a questionnaire for a new passport, not allowing gross mistakes in it.

how to fill out a form for a new passport

Which form should I choose

Two forms are circulating now. One questionnaire is aimed at getting an old type of passport in hand. And here's another - for a new biometric document.

What to prefer? In the event that you intend to change the name in the near future, do not waste your money - make out an exit document for 5 years. If you are sure that in the next 10 years you are not threatened with drastic changes, then calmly make a new passport.

Where to fill in a questionnaire for a foreign passport

To get a form of the questionnaire and at the same time to fill out its columns without errors, it is necessary to visit the Federal Migration Service. Or at least the official website of this body.

Now, when people are concerned about the issue of economyprecious time, many prefer to pre-assemble a package of necessary documents and come to the government fully prepared. That's the questionnaire quite capable of "working out" in advance.

Let's enter the basic information

So, how do I fill out a form for a new passport? First of all, conditionally we divide the form into two parts. One is general information. The other is information about your labor achievements.

We begin with an easy one. Write your name, then your name and patronymic. All this is written in capital letters. If you change your surname, you need to indicate in the additional line your previous surname, first name, patronymic. If this fact was not, then write: "Name did not change."

how to fill out a form for a new passport

After that, you must mark your birthday, month, and year. Then tick the box.

To fill in the following paragraphs,use your passport. Write out of it in the questionnaire data about where you were born, your residence address according to the registration. How to fill out a form for a new passport, if you do not have this registration? Then simply enter information about the place of your actual residence, not forgetting to note the year from which you are staying in the territory of this or that region.

In the form you need to write your citizenship (RF), in a situation where you have the citizenship of some other state, you must specify it.

Further it is written, for what purposes you need a document. It's one thing if you are going to live long abroad, and another - if you just want to briefly go there to rest.

In addition, information on the primaryobtaining a passport. Or that you need a document to replace lost (lost), in such cases you need to get a certificate from the police. Other options assume the registration of a new document in the event of the expiration of the previous one or the restoration of a spoiled passport. Sometimes a citizen is forced to very often cross the borders of Russia on official business. Then the organization that sends him to foreign missions can apply for the issuance of a second exit document to such an employee.

Among other things, there are questions in the form aboutwhether you are a person dedicated to state secrets. Take this point responsibly, please specify in advance whether your person is not allowed to travel abroad.

where to fill in a questionnaire for a passport

Information on labor activity

Now let's dwell on how to fill out a questionnaire for a new passport of a new type in the part where you need to record information about work places.

Here everything that is connected with study, service inarmy and human work activity. Absolutely all the information, of course, is not needed. Enough information for ten years. Data on admission (to work, service, study) and dismissal are recorded in the established format: first a month, and then a year. With regard to military service, one should write a post and the number of the military unit. The number of the military ticket is also necessary. If there were any breaks between work, even minor ones (for example, a month), this is reflected in the form of the questionnaire. For people who do not work, you need to indicate the number of your work book.

Common Mistakes

The most common errors are grammatical and spelling.

Another point, which is often not paid due attention, is already mentioned information about work in classified enterprises or admission to classified documentation.

how to apply for a new passport

Sometimes people forget to write accurate and complete data about the place of residence.

Often incorrectly entered data on marriage, ochange of name, information about divorce. It is necessary to accurately, without deviating from the format, carefully reflect everything that concerns the replacement or issuance of the main document of a Russian citizen. The same requirement is valid when specifying citizenship, registration. If you rent an apartment, do not forget to specify the owner who provides you with accommodation.

Before filling out a form for a passportnew order, organize your work biography, restore the names of the organizations in which you worked, their address. Remember the periods of "idle time".

Of course, your profile will be checked by the migration service, but the fewer mistakes and inaccuracies there are, the faster you can complete the long-awaited visiting document.

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