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How to write a review of the company: sample and recommendations

Today we have to learn how to writea review of the work of the company. A sample of this document will be presented a little later. In the modern world, employees' opinions about the company's activities attract not only potential visitors, but also new applicants. That's why it's important to know the rules of writing a review. It is necessary not only to formalize the document, but also to make it credible. And it's not so simple. Despite this, each person is able to compile and publish a review of the firm's work. Why is it necessary? What rules and advice will help to translate the idea into reality? Consider.

Why are they needed?

The first thing to realize is the purpose of the document. This feature plays an important role. What are the possible developments?

review of the work of the company sample

Feedback on the work of the company (a sample of this will bepresented below) can serve as information about the activities of a corporation. The reader is introduced to the firm and its activities. In practice, such opinions are not in demand. After all, each company can be briefly identified by means of a description.

The second way is to inform applicants abouthonesty of the employer. Reviews of employees about work are very popular. It is they who are interested in each applicant before the interview.

The final goal of writing a review is to get acquainted withfirm, from the point of view of the client. You can say the description of the quality of service delivery. These opinions are also very popular. They help to choose the best company in this or that field.


A letter-feedback about the work of the company, the sample of which will be presented, is not only an introductory document. There is one more purpose of writing an opinion. What is it about?

The thing is that today there are several ways to earn money on feedback. Therefore, it is often possible to stumble upon false opinions. This is normal.

People pay for those or other opinions. An employee who leaves feedback will explain in detail which post or letter should be published. You can divide all the reviews into two categories - positive and negative. In the first case, opinions serve as an additional source of attracting employees and clients. In the second, they repel new visitors. Usually such reviews are ordered by competitors.

In any case, you can earn money on reviews. But for success, regardless of the purpose of writing an opinion, you will have to learn several rules for drafting a document. Especially if you want to write "to order."

letter feedback on the work of the company sample


The first step is to choose a style of speech. He plays an important role. Usually there is nothing special about the proper stylization of the response. The main thing is to preserve literacy and not use slang. It is better to forget the vocabulary too.

It should be noted that the review ofthe work of the company (sample submitted) should not contain abstruse turns. It's enough just to place punctuation marks correctly and to build sentences. The language should be simple and understandable.

As a rule, when it comes to reviews for money,then all the requirements the customer will inform in advance. It is necessary to forget about the function Caps Lock. Long and incomprehensible speech structures are also prohibited.

Emotional component

The next important nuance is emotion. Any feedback left on a particular resource should attract the reader. Fasting should not be dry or uninteresting. Simultaneously, one should not give vent to emotions while describing the company's activities. Such opinions are repulsive. Especially the harmony of emotions concerns customized opinions.

Consider a review of the company's work. A sample text of the post might look like this: "A disgraceful employer! And the whole company is just deceivers and traitors! Fines, fines, fines! Always and for everything! The management despises employees. And salaries? They are always detained! Stay away from this firm. Do not ever come here! ".

In this example, it is immediately visibleglut of negative emotions. The result is achieved mainly because of the abundance of exclamation marks, large letters and sharp expressions. Such a device is not allowed in principle. Exceptions are reviews that discourage job seekers and customers. In ordinary posts you can not put many exclamation marks.

how to write a review about the work of the company sample

Similarly, you can make a samplepositive feedback about the company's work. It will look something like this: "The company is an excellent employer!" The management respects every applicant, does not delay the salary, it is always possible to agree with the head about the substitution! The ideal place for employment! The terms of the employment contract are observed at 100%! ".

It would seem, in the case of a positive responsethe abundance of punctuation marks is not too noticeable. Despite this, it is recommended to adhere to a neutral emotional component. Empowering is possible, but not too much.

About the content

The main role is played by the content of the post. Any feedback letter about the company's work (a sample of several opinions has already been presented) is a collection of useful and important information. What does it mean?

In these opinions, there should not be many introductorywords and empty phrases. Instead, it is necessary to write only about what can interest the reader. It is these reviews that cause users' confidence. Facts, evidence, photos - all this helps to make the review useful.

Information is the main criterion forwriting any opinion. It is necessary to state the information on the case and briefly, but with some digressions. It is important to remember the observance of the emotional component and literacy. Feedback on the company's work (a sample of several other opinions is presented below) should not be dry, empty, too short. It is important that the opinion really help the public to obtain information about the activities of a particular corporation.

Natural beauty

On what other features will have to drawAttention? The point is that any review, as already said, must be literate and informative. At the same time, it is necessary to state only truthful information. The main problem is the challenge of confidence among the population.

Modern information resources allowto leave opinions about firms to all comers. Therefore, some readers are skeptical about them. Accordingly, if a person does not believe the written, then the meaning of the post is lost.

How to write a review about the work of the company? A sample of the posts presented earlier can not be called natural. There, as already mentioned, there are a lot of punctuation marks and emotions.

It is important not only to observe emotionalcomponent and literacy, but also informative. It should be remembered that the ideal text written in the literary language is not a good opinion of the firm at all. It will certainly provoke distrust among the population. Why does this happen? Due to the fact that modern firms are increasingly ordering reviews. From all the above it follows that it is important to always remember the naturalness of speech.

request a review about the work of the company sample

No ads!

Feedback on the work of the construction company (samplethis will be given a little later), like any other, is not always easy to compose. The problem often is that the expressed opinion should not contain advertising. What does it mean?

Information written in the post should not betoo eulogistic. That is why it is important to preserve naturalness, without embellishing reality. Basically, a similar problem occurs when writing positive reviews. After all, they are perceived as advertising. A huge number of users do not trust good reviews about a particular firm.

How to write a review about the work of the company? It is important to write good or bad information without obtrusiveness and "loud" statements. It is not always possible to maintain harmony in this area without problems. It's better to reread the text several times before publishing it, then edit too obsessive sentences and only then send for processing.

Information about the company

Was a request for feedback on the work of the company made? A sample of such a post, if it is considered truthful, should contain information about the corporation. Without it, the opinion will be deceived.

It is usually required to specify:

  • full name of the corporation;
  • the position at which the employee worked;
  • the address of the firm;
  • e-mail (if possible);
  • phone company;
  • data on the leaders.

All this information is publicly available. It does not make sense to hide it. Therefore, writing data about the firm will only have a positive impact on the rating of the company.

To date, the lack of contactinformation about the company does not cause too much distrust. Nevertheless, if there is no data of the firm, one can speak about the bad faith of the organization. Therefore, it is recommended that you publish the information listed earlier. It will not be superfluous.

Template view

There is one more problem. It often has an overwhelming majority of opinions. How to write a review about the work of the company? A sample text that will be considered normal should not have a template view. Otherwise, the reader will find it false.

Most often with mistrust and stereotypednessface when leaving feedback on work in the company. Employees do not think about the correct composition of the text, publish information with a glut of emotions and a minimum of information. In addition, custom-made opinions also often look patterned. After all, people are given clear instructions on how to make up a fast.

Thanksgiving testimonials about the work of the company sample

Accordingly, a review of the work donea construction company whose sample can be considered truthful is the original text and maximum informativeness. Sometimes you have to try hard to find the very "golden mean".

To be clear, severalexamples: "The company is normal, they coped with the work quickly." I liked everything. "," Do not contact here. "N could not finish the repair in time." "I'll never return here again.", "The organization is good.

Similar testimonials are samples that will causea lot of indignation and skepticism in the reader. The opinions of such a plan can be called stereotyped. And anyway, they look suspicious. There is no information in them that could prove the truth.


How to write a review about the work of the company? A sample of this document, as a rule, can not be predicted. Each firm is individual, all employees and customers will have their own way of expressing their opinions. Nevertheless, it is necessary to adhere to some structure in the composition of the post. This technique will help you not get confused in the testimony and make the text informative. He will save from stereotypedness.

First you have to write data about the company. If it is a question of recalling work in the company, then the employee is recommended to indicate information about his position. There is nothing difficult or special in this.

review of the company's work sample and example

After that the situation is described. This is the main part of the letter. It outlines the main idea of ​​the whole text. For example, you can leave thanks for the work of the company. A sample of such a post should contain information about why the firm is considered good. It is desirable to present evidence. For example, photos or videos. Negative opinions must also be supported by evidence. Without them, most of the feedback will not inspire confidence.

The letter ends with a conclusion. Sometimes they are neglected. In this paragraph, it is customary to sum up all that was written before. Usually users either advise to contact the organization, or recommend to stay away from it.

The last nuance is information about the author of the review. The bulk of the opinions left in the network are encountered without this item. It is enough to publish the following data: Name, position of the employee, the nature of the service provided.


It is now clear how you can write a review of the workcompany. The sample document is not so difficult. Now you can get acquainted with several successful and unsuccessful examples of opinions. They will help to understand how 100% is needed and should not be written. For example, here is an example of a positive feedback about the work of the company:

"Good day. I would like to write about W. The leader is Y. He is not the best boss. You can work here, but you do not need to expect something special. Working conditions are not bad, only a lot depends on the position. For example, warehouse workers will freeze in the winter, and in the summer - die from the heat. But in the offices of the conditions are offered quite good - it's neither hot nor cold. The social package is offered in full, but they delay the salary. With pay, too, deceive - at the interview they say one thing, but in fact it turns out different. Conscientious and responsible employees are always welcome here. They can find a common language with their superiors. "

It was a feedback about the company's work, a sample and example of which really deserves attention. Such posts cause trust among the population. Now you can see how not to write reviews.

review of the work of the construction company sample

For example, the following templates are not the most successful:

  1. "Pay normally - you can work."
  2. "A disgusting firm! The boss is awful! Do not go here-you'll spoil your nerves!".
  3. "Cool company, I liked everything."

You can see that writing reviews is not such a simple matter. It is necessary to proceed to it only after a careful study of the rules for drawing up a document.

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