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Correct return of good quality goods

Sometimes in our life there are situations whenafter a while the purchased thing becomes unnecessary and I want to return it back to the seller. Not everyone knows how to properly make an exchange and return a good quality product. In such cases it is necessary to resort to the help of Article 25 of the RF Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

Reasons for making a return and exchange of goods of proper quality

exchange and return of good quality goods

Suppose that you purchased non-foodgoods, for example, a closet for clothes of excellent quality, but it is for certain reasons you do not fit. In our case, the wardrobe can be wider than the niche provided for its installation by several centimeters - you understood this at home, collecting all the details of the cabinet and trying to "shove" it. That is, it does not fit you in size, size and shape. In this case, you have all the rights to make a return of the goods of the proper quality. To do this, give the product its original appearance. In the case of a wardrobe - dismantle it, fold the details into the box and make sure they are intact. In addition, you need to take a cash (sales) check. In the absence (loss) of the check, the return of the goods of the proper quality is slightly complicated, instead of it one can use the testimony of people who were present at the purchase of the goods (friends, acquaintances, relatives).

return and exchange of goods of appropriate quality

It should be remembered that the return of the goods of the properquality is possible only for two weeks from the date of purchase (14 days), the acquisition day itself is not included in this interval. That is, having bought the goods on May 18, 2013 (purchase day), you can exchange it on any day (until 01.06.13). The employees of the store will not consider the days off. Therefore, if it happened that you came on 03.06.13, and you did not receive the goods, referring to the weekend, you will have to prove your rightness to observe the time of return or exchange of the acquired thing in court, which, undoubtedly, will take your arguments into consideration. But, despite this, it is recommended to come to the store earlier for several days, rather than after waiting for a court decision for several months.

Who should I contact in the store if I have to return the goods of the proper quality or exchange it?

To get started, go and see another onesame commodity. Then go to the seller and kindly ask him to replace the goods, explaining the situation. When you are offered another closet, specify its dimensions, and if everything suits you, write in two copies an application requesting the exchange of goods (in the name of the director of the outlet). In the application you need to specify which goods you returned, and which one you ask to give to you in return, sign and must specify the date of signing the document. The store employee must indicate his details in full (name and title), indicate that he took the goods from you, write down his characteristics and put a painting. In the event that the selected product will be more expensive than the previous one, try to agree on an additional payment of the difference with the seller.

return of good quality goods

If, after returning to the store, you did not find the oneproducts for which goods could be exchanged (for example, cabinets of necessary dimensions are sold), it is necessary to transfer the goods to the seller under the painting. Then you should write a statement, which will indicate your request to return the money paid for the goods no later than three days (starting from the date of return).

If the seller refuses to change the product ortake it back, you can contact the store administrator. If you also received a refusal, mail a statement to the store in writing, asking for the time and date when you should come to the store for a refund or exchange of goods. If you did not receive a response from the store, immediately contact the claim against the store or businessman in court.

Before contacting the store, it is worth considering that there islist of goods that can not be exchanged and returned. To such goods in accordance with the provisions of the Resolution of January 19, 1988 No. 55 of the Government of the Russian Federation are: jewelry, household chemical goods, books, cosmetics and perfumes and some others.

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