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Return of goods of inadequate quality

In life, sometimes it happens that things are boughtinadequate quality, or they may not suit the customer for various reasons. In such situations, the law allows the consumer to contact the seller and return the goods of inadequate quality or make an exchange for the same.

However, the buyer's right to exchange goodsis realized only under the condition that the thing does not fit in shape, size, color, shape, composition or size. It is these reasons that should be discussed with the seller when appealing to him, otherwise he may refuse to satisfy the buyer's demand.

Another condition is the return of goodsinadequate quality for 14 days. During this period there are calendar days, including holidays and weekends, and the day of purchase is not taken into account. In the event that the last day of the exchange is non-working, you can return the goods of inadequate quality in the next business day.

Returning defective goods, it is necessary to take into accountthat it will be changed only if it was not in use and it retained consumer properties, seals, presentation, factory labels, and also documents that confirm the payment are available. If the goods, cashier's check or other payment documents are not available, then in such a situation it is possible to return the goods, although in this case a witness testimony will be required and their validity will have to be proved.

If the purchase must be exchanged for an equivalent orto return goods of inadequate quality, then it should be absent from the list of goods that can not be exchanged. This list includes perfumery and cosmetic products, medicines, medical instruments, hygiene and sanitation items, textiles, finishing and building materials, cable products. In addition, this list includes knitted and sewn products, a dining room and kitchen utensils, articles and containers intended for storing food, pesticides, agrochemicals, chemical household goods, household furniture. Also here are precious metals and jewelry, electronics and household appliances, copiers and computer equipment, woodworking and metal cutting machines, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, animals and plants, albums and books.

This list of products is exhaustive and the seller does nothas the right to expand it at his whim. Realizing the right to exchange, or in the event that a claim is made for returning goods of inadequate quality, the buyer is not obliged to reimburse any costs. In the absence of the necessary quality goods, you can make a refund by receiving the money paid for the goods.

To exchange or make a return of goodsinadequate quality, you must have a passport with you: in most stores, you are required to perform this procedure, and other documents may not be accepted. If the buyer refuses the goods of normal quality, the seller returns to him the amount that was paid under the contract, excluding the seller's costs for the delivery of the goods from the buyer to the store. At the same time, a period of ten days is established from the moment when the buyer requests it.

Rules for the sale of certain categories of goodscontain a list of documents that must be completed when making a refund, as well as all ways to return the money paid. If goods of good quality are returned, they constitute a bill of lading or an act, and money is transferred to a bank or other account that the buyer will indicate. In this case, the costs for the return of the money amount are borne by the seller, it is possible to make a refund by postal transfer.

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