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TV LG 40LF570V: reviews, specs, parameters

The LG 40LF570V is considered an excellent mid-range device. Reviews about this product, its technical characteristics and capabilities will be described in detail in the following.

tv lg 40lf570v reviews

Niche TV

First, you need to pay attention to how much the TV costs of this model. The price for it ranges from 18 000 to 20 000 rubles. It is certainly not necessary to expect any phenomenal characteristics at such a cost. And the manufacturer originally refers this TV to middle-class solutions. It is perfect for home use. Also with a panel function or media player quite able to cope with theproduct. The only important feature that you should pay attention to before buying is the lack of support for the highly sought-after SMART technology. Alas, the developers for some reason did not realize it within the framework of this device.

List of equipment

Really, a good bundle can not boast of TV LG 40LF570V. Reviews highlight this drawback of this device. The manufacturer included the following:

  • TV.

  • Warranty card.

  • Quick Start Guide connect, configuration and use.

  • Power supply cord.

  • Set of batteries for the remote.

  • Remote control.

Definitely, in the previously listed list is not enoughcommunication wires. This is HDMI, and SCART, and RCA. Since the TV is a South Korean manufacturer belongs to the products of the middle class, then the bundle should be appropriate. And the absence of such components in the initial configuration is a significant disadvantage.

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The advantages in this case include technical specifications, which stand out against the background of analogues TV LG 40LF570V. Characteristics he's really good. Two signal receivers are integrated into the device at once. One of them is analog, and the second is digital. In the first case, it is possible to view 60 analog channels. In the second case, there is support for both DVB-T, and DVB-T2. In addition to this, the TV has an expansion slot, in which you can install a card-decoder for decoding digital channels. There is no integrated satellite receiver in this case - it will be necessary to purchase an additional receiver for viewing such programs to the device in question. When installed on a stand, the device dimensions are 911x581x189. If you use a wall mount to install the TV (you need to buy it separately for an additional fee), then the dimensions will be reduced to 911x528x55.3.

Screen Specifications

Indeed, a fairly high-quality screenequipped with LED TV LG 40LF570V. It is made, as is clear from the name, by the technology of LED. Its maximum possible resolution is 1920x1080. That is, in this mode of operation this TV displays an image in the 1080p format, or, as is also sometimes called, FullHD. Accordingly, the quality of the image, this device is a typical middle peasant. Below him there is a TV with an HD-matrix and a resolution of 1366x768, but better quality - the output image with a 4K format. Viewing angles by the manufacturer are stated at 1780/ 1780. That is, when viewed from any possible pointimage distortion will not occur. In addition, it should be noted that the image is updated on the screen at a frequency of 300 Hz. As a result, to notice with a normal eye any flicker of the image certainly will not work.

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Characteristics by sound

A fairly good sound systemis equipped with TV LG 40LF570V. The reviews highlight a good quality of its sound. This quality of the acoustic system is provided by 2 speakers with a rated power of 20 watts. For the organization of high-quality sound accompaniment, this is quite enough in most cases. If you need to improve the audio capabilities, you can connect external speakers or even a subwoofer. Everything necessary for this in this device is - a complete set of audio ports.

led tv lg 40lf570v

Communication list

Before you tell how to set up your LG TV given model, we will understand with its communication list. The list of ports for connection in this device consists of the following:

  • 1 Antenna port.

  • 2 HDMI ports.

  • 1 SCART port.

  • 1 RCA port.

  • 1 USB port.

  • A set of audio ports.

  • One slot for installing a decoding card for T2 channels.

The only negative of the above list -this lack of RJ-45. This port would allow you to connect the TV directly to a computer network and, through this, to organize a direct output of a television picture. The second negative is the lack of support for the wifa. On the other hand, the presence of such interfaces would significantly increase the cost of the solution in question, which would make it not so attractive on the background of analogs.

Connect and configure

Now let's look at the fact, how to tune a LG TV this model. The algorithm in this situation consists of the following stages:

  • We remove the device from the box. We dismantle transport locks.

  • We install the TV on a permanent place of use.

  • We connect the supply cord with one end to the TV, and the second - to the outlet of the power supply system.

  • Antenna cable in the corresponding socket.

  • Install the batteries in the control panel.

  • Turn on the TV.

  • Through the menu, we search for channels.
  • Exit the menu.

TV lg 40lf570v price


Now consider how much the TV costs of this model. To buy this universal device, as was noted earlier, it is possible at a price of 18 000 to 20 000 rubles. Higher cost of TV in supermarkets of electronics and small stores in this direction. The advantages of buying in this case are obvious: the device can actually be seen, evaluated and determined with how much it really suits you. More modest price - in online stores. But here the purchase in this case, in fact, is performed blindly. Therefore, it is most optimal to watch TV live in the electronics supermarket, and buy it online at a low cost.


Quite controversial, according to buyers, turned out the TV LG 40LF570V. Price it unambiguously refers to products of an average level. But at the same time he has a number of significant shortcomings. First of all, it is necessary to allocate veryand a very modest bundle. The manufacturer saved on the interface wires - after buying this solution, you must immediately purchase additional accessories. Also, the device does not have a port RJ-45 and there is no support for such wirelessway of obtaining data, like vayfay. And their presence would allow using a computer network to output the image directly to the TV. But there are also positive moments in the decision. This is the high quality of the output image, and high-quality sound, and an impressive interface set.

tv lg 40lf570v specifications


Despite a number of shortcomings, LG LG 40LF570V TV turned out quite good and very balanced. Reviews most of them really characterizeits on the positive side. Quality of work of the built in tuners of censures does not cause. Also qualitatively reproduced and video, and audio. A good communication set in this case allows you to solve most problems. Even installing a mini-PC in such a TV is possible. So for home use it's just a great device with a fairly large screen diagonal.

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